Wednesday, August 12, 2009

K-pop dominating the Philippine Charts?

I remember way back in high school when everyone (including me, i don't deny it) turned crazy over Meteor Garden, the first Taiwanese telenovela show aired in ABS-CBN. Then came a flood of Korean, Chinese and Japanese telenovelas bringing along with them songs that we Filipinos can barely understand, but despite the language barrier still appreciates these songs

Now this year 4 songs are introduced in the MYX Music Channel which is pure Korean in nature a.k.a. K-pop (short for Korean pop, everybody knows that of course). First was Fire by 2NE1 which became an instant hit not only of its groovy reggae type rhythm and beat but also due to the popularity of Sandara Park way back years ago in the Philippine industry. Second was Sorry Sorry, a song by Super Junior which garnered lots of votes for the MYX International top 20. Third was Nobody by Wonder Girls. Despite being new to the Filipino ears, this song was produced way back 2008 or 2007 in Korea. This is I think the most famous among all K-pop songs right now which not only has a cute set of voices from five lovely ladies, but also with the easy steps to dance with the song (wave like a "no" with your pointing finger, and then clap clap..hahaha).

And also who would forget One More Time and Almost Paradise from the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden renamed "Boys Over Flowers"? It's funny how people in Bacolod would usually vote the song on MOR's most often requested and when asked if they understood it, couldn't find the right answer to their mouth..haha funny people!

Just this afternoon, I was watching Pop MYX and another song came in the scene. this time it's from Big Bang, another Korean group which is the male "version" of 2NE!. Well it was a good song, at least it has few Korean words on it..and lots of English..whew! I guess it would be another song to enter the hit charts here in the Philippines..soon!