Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Boracay, not Bora Please!

Like last year, I, together with my girlfriend and one of our close friends at work, decided to get a travel package to Boracay for another Holy Week getaway.  This time it was a four days-three nights package so we decided to make the most out of it.  Compared to our 2011 getaway trip, this was by far the most exciting trip I had in Boracay.

One of the things I've noticed this year were promotional flyers and posters "Boracay Please, Not Bora" all over the island simply reminding tourists about how the Island should be addressed by its name.  We are used to call the island as "Bora"for convenience sake.  Even I myself was reprimanded by one of the locales to use "Boracay" when I loudly said "Bora" in one of the pasalubong stalls.  Although I must admit that I was a little pissed off, I tried to control myself not to react at all. Still baffled by the fact why this promotion is being implemented, my geeky side told me to somehow check on the net the rationale behind all of this, and this is what I have found out..."Boracay" should be used so as not to confuse it with Bora-Bora, an island of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean, also a popular tourist destination.

There were lots of things I tried the first time during this trip to Boracay, to name ATV and Reef Walking among the few.  And since it was Holy Week, the beachfront is jammed pack and the party never stops till dawn.

 Getting my henna tattoo for the trip

 Partying for the first night in Guilly's Island

What do you expect to see on one of the famous beaches in the world?

 Snorkeling during the island tour

 @ Puka Beach

Strolling by the beachfront during sunset with friends from Bacolod 

The magnificient Boracay sunset 

 Of course the seafoods shouldn't be missed in Talipapa

 It's banana boat time!

The Teleperformance crew in Boracay 

First time to do reef walking in Boracay 

ATV for the win :)

 On Top of mount Luho which gives you a 360 degrees view of Boracay