Saturday, February 27, 2010

The evolution of iPhone

This is an evolution..what we call technology advancement..LOL

Note: Feb 28..Mo Twister also blogged this today.. I actually saw this in Facebook a day before so nauna lang ako mag blog nito..

Black Eyed Peas at No.1 Spot again...

After 9 consecutive weeks of reigning as queen of the Billboard charts, Ke$ha with her "Tik Tok" drops to number two and giving her way to Black Eyed Peas' "Imma Be". This is the 3rd single in their 'The E.N.D.' (The Energy Never Dies) talbumhat made it on the number one spot along with Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling. Meet Me Halfway didn't make it though. It peaked only until the seventh spot.

Hot 100 Top Ten Singles:
(1) "Imma Be" - Black Eyed Peas
(2) "Tik Tok" - Ke$ha
(3) "Bedrock" - Young Money (feat. Lloyd)
(4) "Bad Romance" - Lady Gaga
(5) "Need You Now" - Lady Antebellum
(6) "We Are The World 25: For Haiti" - Artists For Haiti
(7) "Hey, Soul Sister" - Train
(8) "How Low" - Ludacris
(9) "In My Head" - Jason Derulo
(10) "Say Aah" - Trey Songz (feat. Fabolous)

I first heard Imma Be in So You Think You Can Dance season5. It's a good upbeat song just like Boom Boom Pow. Lady Gaga is still alive..and Jason Derulo has a new song. This is a good song but I still prefer "Watcha Say".

What's the subculture definition of your name?

Here's one website which I think is not new for everyone but quite fun to read. Urban Dictionary is a web-based dictionary for slang words and phrases. It was created by Aaron Peckham in 1999 It includes words including proper nouns/names which has meaning not included on a standard English dictionary. In 2008, Time's Anita Hamilton included the site on its Best 50 Websites.

Here is what I discovered about my name:

John: a very extremely confusing guy. shows that he has feelings for you sometimes, but then might just randomly stop talking to you at any time. very flirtatious. Manwhore. will lead you on. hilarious. full of charisma. you have to love him. boys are jealous of him. girls are jealous of the girl he is flirting with at the time.. Not persistent. Changes moods easily; moody. Greatest, most annoying person on the face of this earth..yet i still want to be with him..

Earl: The sexiest man alive. If there is a God, he is God's gift to women. Definitely the greatest kisser on the planet. A night spent with him will always be the greatest night of your life. He is said to know the contours of a woman's body better than she does. *WARNING* Simply making eye contact with him may result in an orgasm on spot that's how amazing he is. If you have him, never let go.

So in Short: JOHN EARL means "the sexiest manwhore alive" hahaha LOL damn!

Chile struck 8.8 magnitude earthquake, tsunami warning throughout the Pacific

I was watching TV Patrol Sabado last night when the anchorman announced an incoming report that the ambassador of the the Philippines in Chile is safe from the devastating earthquake that struck the place. I never did mind at first because Chile has always been a quake -associated country but little did I know that it was the going to be the strongest earthquake to-date of the decade. I received a chain message via text afterwards about tsunami warning being imposed on the eastern coast of the archipelago for a possible tsunami impact due to the 8.8 magnitude earthquake off coast of Concepcion, Chile. So I'm really interested to see this, watched CNN till late night even I have my early morning shift at work.

It was explained and I think most of us know that Chile is part of the infamous Ring of Fire, unfortunate how the Philippines is also included. This is literally a ring area surrounding the Pacific Ocean where most active earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur, because the largest and most number of tectonic plates are situated here [photo]. Going back to Chile's quake, in comparison to Haiti's earthquake last January, this is considered 800 to 1000 times stronger. As explained in the news, 7.0 magnitude to 8.0 magnitude has a difference of 32 times strength. so 9.0 magnitude is not just 32 and another 32, but 32 x 32 strength..Now this earthquake generated massive tsunamis running north bound as well as through the west side of South America. Just like what happened in the May 22,1960 Chile quake, a massive tsunami not only struck it's coastline but also reached Hawaii and killed 61 people..even Japan with 140 people killed and our country killing 32 people. The 9.5 earthquake in Xhile was the strongest recorded of all times.

Early this morning when I woke up, I turned on the TV again and watched the news as people in Hawaii are already panic buying goods and necessities because they will be the ones whose gonna experienced the rumbling tsunami going west of Chile. It is estimated to hit the islands 11:00 local time (their time). Last night PHILVOCS also released via media about evacuation on areas eastern coat of the country (Eastern Samar, Surigao, Cagayan, Bicol area etc..most areas facing the Pacific ocean) for a possible tsunami impact right after Hawaii. Hawaii had already rang their emergency sirens throughout the island 6:00 AM local time to start the evacuation. I am a bit worried because my first cousins on my father side are there in Hawaii. We only met last year during our grand family reunion and they are living on that island. I hope they will be safe and sound after this. and hoping that tsunami won't reach us here in the Philippines.

Friday, February 26, 2010

thanks Zynga!

A gift from the Mafia Wars team..haha I'm an addicted player in Facebook. Click on the photo for a better view.

Student prosecuted because of a Facebook post

Read this over Yahoo! Philippines. Quoted:
"Indonesian prosecutors on Thursday demanded a suspended jail sentence for a university student who was found guilty of insulting his music mentor on Facebook."

This student, named Muhammad Wahyu Muharam, posted in his Facebook account harsh words against his marching band mentor calling him a 'scoundrel' and 'very greedy' way back August. This was the latest case involving Facebook, following another Indonesian teenager on suspended jail sentence due to posting insulting remarks on a romantic rival. Indonesia has been named as one of the world's strictest with criminal defamation law. So it was no surprise for them if this could happen. But for sure with us Filipinos it's such a small deal that they made big. Well, culture and politics differ from one country to another.

The law student's advices Facebook users to use his experience as a lesson, that we must be all cautious of our postings. Now this sparks a memory. A friend of mine, actually a funny one, (evil laugh) was also sued about his Facebook postings on his FAN page..but then the prosecutors could not find any solid proof against him..So the case is NULL and VOID..Congrats my "GREAT "friend =)

HeartGold and SoulSilver European release

I can't wait for the European release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. These are the upcoming NDS games for the Pokemon series which is a remake of Gold and Silver versions in GameBoy color. A month more to go. It will be officially out on market in UK on March 26. I was able to talk with Vince, a childhood friend who's in the UK now, to check on the prices. Each cartridge is sold at £32 which is 2464Php equivalent here in the Philippines. The PokeWalker kit is at £13.97. I already told him that I would get one..I would love to have the original cartridge for these games. I hope FedEx will not that much for me to handle especially for the cost of delivery hehehe.

Too bad I can't join play hosting for this event..Of course, I'm here in the Philippines and it's in London. Those who will be joining can get an event Arceus for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and also 2 figurines for Ho-oh and Lugia, the two Pokemon featured in Heart gold and Soul silver, respectively.

Pokemon Event link [click here]

Got a new game for my NDS

Since I bought an R4 with 2GB memory for my Nintendo DS, I was able to download multiple games and one of these games is Digimon World Dusk. This is the 3rd Digimon game I p. Bayed and obviously, this is another RPG game. I love role palying games hehehe.

I'm still getting a hang of it since I'm more of a Pokemon fanatic. It's really kinda funny until now that all of the Digimon names ends with "-mon" . But I guess it's an advantage to easily remember them. But not for me, I'm still bias..I still like and love Pokemon..

Here's the current team I have in the game..I think I still have a long way to go with the game storyline. The good thing is you can complete the list of Digimon since you can Evolve and degenerate them in several ways.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Curse of Facebook!

Church to sue Hollywood

The Brazilian Catholic Church sues Hollywood film makers for unauthorized use of Rio de Janeiro's famous Christ the Redeemer statue on the blockbuster file 2012 which was just shown last December in cinemas.
If everyone can (definitely) remember, the Christ the Redeemer statue was destroyed by the massive earthquakes, which occurs simultaneously throughout the world, in the movie. The archdiocese of Brazil allowed use of image but refused the use of the religious symbol on the film being damaged by a giant wave. Columbia Pictures did follow this however they use the icon's destruction on the different approach, which still is against what they have talked about.

The archdiocese manages copyright issues related to the 40-meter (130-foot) high statue erected in 1931, which overlooks Rio with its arms outstretched.

Under Brazilian law, copyright resides in the author of a work until his death, and then is passed on to his heirs or estate or successor entity for another 70 years.
The Christ the Reedemer statue was created by Paul Landowski, a French artist of Polish descent, on commission from the Rio archdiocese and erected in 1931.
Landowski died in 1961, meaning the archdiocese holds copyright until 2032, when the sculpture becomes part of the public domain. [Yahoo]

2012 is one of the fave movies I have way back in 2009. But I see why the Brazilian Catholic Church is up to this. It seems like Columbia Pictures did not follow what they have as a deal with the archdiocese. But then let's leave it to both of them. All I can say is, the movie is nice.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Most Ancient of All Comics sold for $1M

Read this @ Yahoo!..had been reading short news lately on that site as a past time, haha..big surprise.. The very first comic book to feature Superman as sold at a smashing price of 1 million dollars! The buyer must have been the most addict comic collector I have ever heard.

Quoted from Yahoo! news:

"A 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1, widely considered the Holy Grail of comic books, was sold from a private seller to a private buyer, neither of whom released their names. The issue features Superman lifting a car on its cover and originally cost 10 cents...the seller was a "well known individual" in New York with a pedigree collection, and that the buyer was a known customer who previously bought an Action Comics No. 1 of lesser grade."

I am not a comic book collector, but I do understand why it is a very precious item for collectors. It is the original un-restored form of the comic, with a 8.0 grade. It is considered a jewel or more likely a diamond for collectors.

Last Filipino standing on The Biggest Loser Asia

I have always been a fan of reality shows. American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing name it. Now for many of you who have not been familiar with this certain show, The Biggest Loser Asia is one of those not very known reality series which helps obese and fat people lose weight in exchange for a grand prize of big bucks. It's being televised on Hallmark Channel Asia.

It's a spin-off of USA's The biggest loser in which players are of Asian ethnicity. Now 5 of the players (which four had already been elimated, namely Delfin Bacho, Leonore llams, Christine White, and Kevin Yeu) were all from the Philippines. Carlo Miguel is the only contender left for the Philippines and the only member of the Red Team left for the whole series. He was left afte Kevin had been eliminated by the Blue Team, their rival. But this contest does not only focus on the contestants on TV. There are also in home contetants which should lose weight until they are called upon by the show to enter as wild card contestants. And one of those is the famous celebrity Ruby Rodriguez-Aquino. I am definitely eying for Carlo since he is always a good competitor. As a leader, he always advices his co-Filipino players to work hard for the competition. During the week before Kevin's elimination, he made history in Biggest Loser Asia. After the three Filipinos left in the game are fried for elimination (Kevin, Christine and Carlo), the latter could not bear voting his two kababayan but instead voted the host, Sharimah Ibrahim.

I hope there's also a contest for slim people to get model-like bodies at the end of the competition..hehehe

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New 2NE1 Commercial

This is the new 2NE1 commercial for a cellphone. Featuring they're new single "Can You Copy Me", they are now advertising Samsung's Corby F. Hahaha I can't get rid of Sandara out of my system..

Virus not a hoax after all

Today I was routinely checking my news feed in Facebook..and of course play my addition game Mafia wars when a friend of mine Paul Bengil posted on his status "Reformat PC..........T_T"..when I asked him why..he mentioned about opening up an Invitation email and accidentally downloaded Olympic Torch virus on his PC. He said he mistakenly accepted it due to the fact that it could be another Mafia invitation from one of our co-players but it was not. So I did a little research about it. According to Wikipedia...

"Olympic Torch is a computer virus hoax sent out by e-mail. The hoax e-mails first appeared in February 2006. The "virus" referred to by the e-mail does not actually exist, so the only viral effect is that the warning email itself is widely circulated as a chain letter. The hoax e-mail warns recipients of a recent outbreak of Olympic Torch viruses, contained in e-mails titled "Invitation", which erase the hard disk of the user's computer when opened. The hoax email further purports the virus to be acknowledged by such reputable sources as CNN, McAfee and Microsoft as one of the most dangerous viruses yet reported. In reality, the Olympic Torch virus is non-existent, and generally has not been reported by the organizations quoted. A similar version of this hoax is the Postcard Image virus hoax which refers to another non existent virus known as POSTCARD. The Postcard variation has been in circulation at least since 2008."

Well if it is a hoax..then what happened to his PC.? His files in his C: drive was completely deleted after accepting the said email. Well if you receive this email invitation..better delete it..rather than forwarding the said mail and spreading the virus to your friends.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Top 50 Kisses of all time..on camera!

Who loves movies with kissing scenes on them? Here's a link to see the top 50 kisses of all time on film. Sorry to say Twilight fans , Bella and Edward only landed #49 on the list.

Here are some familiar kisses that I know (and watched) =) but click on the link above to see the full list. Of course I'm not familiar with what's on the top of the list. I wasn't born that time yet..hahaha and I think it's more passionate than what we have now..there were no MTRCB or Laguardia way back then. LOL

Twilight #49

Brokeback Mountain #47

Spiderman #45

Cruel Intention #43

Titanic #42

Lady and the Tramp #19

Snow White #5

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Frozen Wonder

From NASA Astronauts Twitpic account. A picture of Niagara Falls in Winter..wanna dip? hehehe

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The race around the world began...

Last Monday night was the start of Amazing Race 16. I actually went home to eat dinner with my family and immediately went back to my pad to watch the telecast of the newest season. I'm actually rooting for Caitlin Upton..not that I'm a big fan but to see how she handles herself in the race after being criticized for her Q&A portion in Ms. Teen USA 2007. The whole cast was interesting ranging from cowboy champions (brothers), detectives, a team with an athletic grandmother, brothers (a straight and a gay), Big Brother housemates (Jordan Lloyd was the big winner for the American Big Brother Season 11), a coach for Cleveland Indians baseball team (
Steven John Smith) and lovers, both ladies (lesbo-love!). One of them seems to look like Ellen DeGeneres (for me!)

The race started in Los Angeles to Chile. And Caitlin was the center of attention to brothers Dan & Jordan (i forgot who's the gay one) who can even memorize Caitlin's infamous answer during the 2007 pageant. Caitlin and boyfriend Brent was the first team to have a 30 minute penalty, not following the instructions after a Roadblock. They have to ride a funicular as a means of transportation to their next clue but the pair went down the steep by foot. They were originally the 2nd team to arrive but fell 7th place due to the penalty. Brothers Dan and Jordan also came in with a 15 minute penalty due to losing a paintbrush during a task. High School sweethearts Dana & Adrian did not finish the Roadblock, causing their team to lose the competition.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Funny Fan Pages in Facebook

I am amazed and somehow baffled how people get bored nowadays. I see lots of account in accounts that is..that are somehow I call pointless.. but sometimes it may just let you think of things, have either a small smirk or a good laugh to let out the stress out of your system. Here are some examples of pointless, but funny fan pages. Clicking the names will direct you to the pages.

1. Nung bata ako kumain ako ng nectar ng santan sa garden :))



4. Im not moody - your just really annoying!!!



these are just some of the many pages in FB..hehehe

Remembering movies of 2009

It might be a little late for me to do this but it's better late than never they say. Just wanna remember the movies (good ones) I've watched last 2009 with friends, loved ones and family. I will only include the Top 10 that I like..then I' ll enumerate the others after =)

10. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Have always been a fan of
animal-featured animated movies and this is one of the funniest I've watched last year. I love the "Chasm of Death" scene where need they cross the laughing gas area, causing anyone who breathes in it to laugh uncontrollably while speaking in a high-pitched voice.

9. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
I'm not a fan of the Edward-Bella love team. I watched it per request of my mom who also is "kilig" with the two lovebirds. But this movie is a bit exciting (only a little) in comparison to Twilight, the first movie.

8. X-men Origins: Wolverine
I never get tired of watching
good old comic characters like Logan. Plus the cool super mutants from the X-men series.

7. Paranormal Activity
The scariest film I've watched so far. Seems realistic and undirected. I always fear of something I do not see but only feel.

6. Angels and Demons
Interesting clash between science and religion. The Illuminati had
been a very interesting topic. Thus, it was very much justified in this film.

5. (500) Days of Summer

I don't deny the fact that I watch romantic comedy films. And this one is a good one to watch. Many lessons to learn about being single or having a relationship.

4. 2012
The end of the world! it think it have been made more exaggerating on film. But scary..

3. G.I.
Joe: The Rise of Cobra
One of the best action films of the year. Reminds me of my childhood days..hahaha the G.I. Joe toys that is.

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Of course, I'm a Potter fanatic. Don't expect me to miss this one out. but as usual, it always has a small changes on film. It's nice to read the book first. 2nd to the last of the Potter series. Hope Deathly Hollows would be more exciting than this.

I was hesitant to watch this first. The trailer was not very convincing at first..but since it's a James Cameroon movie (the same dude who directed Titanic) it's a must see..and guess first impression was wrong. It's a very excellent film.

Here are some movies I also watched last year, good films that did not make my top 10 list of faves hehehe...

- Fame
- Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
- The Final Destination
- Astro Boy
- Monsters vs. Aliens
- Sherlock Holmes
- Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian


This would be more controversial than Hayden-Katrina..funny pic..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The movie I watched before Valentine's Day

I am supposed to watch Valentine's Day but I changed my mind after reading the negative reviews about the film. I've decided to watch another film and was happy to see Percy Jackson already showing. I waited for this movie and finally it came to the big screen. I first saw its trailer way back in December while me and my friends are watching 500 days of Summer. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief focuses more on Greek Mythology (Percy as a demi-god..son of Poseidon and a mortal who was accused by the gods of stealing Zeus's Master Bolt) What made it more interesting in my part sis that I love Mythology and I guess that's the only subject in English that I would stay awake till the end of the class.

Percy Jackson is a very interesting film to watch for those mythology lovers. I think it's a good film to see especially if you are in high school during your English 4 class (World Literature, well in my high school that is). It is a very informative film that even young kids can learn small details in Greek Mythology. It has a Harry Potter feel on it, of course because it's directed by HP1 and HP2 director Chris Columbus. It cool that he had the idea of mixing the mythical characters profile with the modern day settings (Uma Thurman is a hot Medusa..hehehe). If you want to have a good film to watch, I would recommend's fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010

ZOROARK revealed: the first Fifth Gen Pokemon

I just posted my blog about this Pokemon's silhouette just a while ago and the Bulbapedia site actually updated their news feed. Here are the picture of 2 new Pokemon which will be featured in the next Pokemon movie.

Zoroark (left) is the Illusionary Fox Pokemon and is a Dark-type. It is 1.6m tall and weighs 81.1kg. It evolves from Zorua (right), a pure Dark type and is the Dark Fox Pokémon. It is 0.7m tall and weighs 12.5kg.

Pokemon for me had been evolutionary in terms of monster imagery. They have developed their cute ones into somehow realistic representations of what we call monsters. But they're still cute hehehe. I think this Pokemon is not legendary, but special..just like Lucario whom I thought it was a legendary Pokemon but it was not.

Direct link: Zoroark to star the upcoming movie

First Generation V Pokemon revealed..only on silhouette

It's finally confirmed that a fifth generation of Pokemon will be coming out this year. I've been reading updates in Bulbapedia website and the first image for the 5th generation pokemon was revealed. Although it's just a silhouette, it is already a proof that indeed a new batch of cute monsters will be released pretty soon. This Pokemon will be featured in the next movie, Pokemon Movie Ruler of Illusion Z. This Pokemon was revealed in Pokemon Sunday last Feb. 7, 2010. Pokemon Sunday is a show in Japan solely dedicated for Pokemon and it's fans..I just wished they would televised it on cable here in the Philippines. The full revelation of the Pokemon is set on Feb 21, 2010, on the same show.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

AI Group Night drama..

Last night's Idol episode was one of my favorites since Season 3 (the first season I've watched since Jasmine Trias was on that season). Group Night is when Idol hopefuls form their groups and blend in with each other to awe the judges..and survive the Hollywood week. This is a crucial part of the competition since this will showcase the hopefuls' teamwork and work ethics as well.. And this is the most stressful portion of the competition..with less hours of sleep and dreadful waking overnight of rehearsals. Well I still say it's nothing compared to SYTYCD overnight team choreography rounds in Las Vegas.

What's interesting about last night is the battle between the Neopolitan group and the Destiny's Wild. both of them sang Lady Gaga's Bad romance and Destiny's wild FTW! They have style and choreography combined that me myself said "Wow!".

It is also the most dramatic week for AI. One contestant had his wife on labor while on Hollywood Week and before he got on stage for their performance, his wife delivered a healthy baby girl + he got through the next round.

Lesson learned: always memorize your lyrics..almost all of them have good voices but was cut due to "I forgot the lyrics" issues. Some even mumble the lyrics while singing their hearts out, some fake the lyrics which is to the disgusts of the judges and Gwen Stefani may not be too happy to listen to her song being murdered on stage (Sweet Escape).

BTW, I felt sad Erica Rhodes was eliminated. She will always be remembered as Barney girl...

I still love Taylor Swift..

I was reading the Yahoo! news last night and I felt sad about the critics on Taylor Swift. yeah she is one of the best singers around, winning a number of Grammy's this year and surprisingly finishing the Philippine charts with the number 1 song (her song) "Love Story" for 2009. After all the fame and glory, I think people had found Taylor's waterloo..and that is in acting.

Taylor Swift received negative reviews on her acting debut on "Valentine's Day". This is quoted from Yahoo! news:

"Some teen viewers may be drawn by the lure of the two Taylors, but their time onscreen together arguably reps the film's low point," writes Variety's Todd McCarthy regarding Swift's performance alongside onetime boyfriend Taylor Lautner. "Swift, especially, seems entirely undirected, as she jumps around, makes faces and jabbers on inanely. If she's to have a film career, she needs to find a skilled director to tamp her down and channel her obviously abundant energy."

Well, I say give her a break. Not everyone is perfect. But I think this is good for her..considering these are all constructive criticism. but what I hate about the news is the last part saying - "Looks like Swift could really use another sympathy-grabbing interruption. Paging Kanye West!" - because I think Kanye is a dumbass last MTV VMA..

I still love Taylor Swift and wanted to see her more on movies and of course in the music industry. I still haven't watched Valentine's Day but will definitely have it on my movies-to-watch list.. hehehe

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Space..nice shots

This is different from Dubai's Atlantis...taken from space by NASA Astronauts..overlooking Bahrain..

And this is Metro Manila..

The new "MTV"

MTV had been one of my favorite cable channels since I was a kid. I usually watch the Hitlist every Saturday as well as Triple Play and Most Wanted..if you can still remember. Now lately I have been wondering why our local Sky Cable changed Channel 44 to Fox TV, considering MTV is one of the most watched channels in cable TV. Well my inquiry had been answered.

MTV or Music Television was launched August 1st 1981which its original purpose is to play music videos while guided by on-air hosts called VJs or video jocks (contrary to DJs). We all know that lately MTV had been featuring short reality series (The Hills, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, My Super Sweet 16 and its Exiled version, many to mention) and only a limited number of featured music videos (Playlist, for example). Because of this transition, I guess the management decided to later changed the logo itself, deleting the words "Music Television" from the original
logo. and some were even commercialized with some of the familiar faces of the new and inproved MTV channel. Here's one example, it's Snookie of Jersey Shore, one of MTV's shows..mor like Boob TV to me..LOL

Well I think I would stick up with MYX Philippines and Channel V this time. Those Korean beats are somehow becoming catchy to listen to...hehehe

FYI: The first music to be played in MTV is "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marvel's "The Heroic Age"

Birth of new heroes and new teams. May 2010.. Got this from Yahoo! meme.. nice characters..hope they're stories don't suck..hehe

It's not a puma, it's a cat..a real one

Guess what? It likes being printed on shirt..hehehe meow time!
got this from DJ Mo's blog site...

Earthly romance wins over sci-fi love story

Today is Super Bowl in the States. Other than that, it's the opening day for the movie "Dear John" and for the record..knocking off Avatar's no. 1 spot for seven weeks by a massive $32.4 million sales on its debut.

Dear John is a novel by Nicholas Sparks which tells a story of a young woman who fell in love with a soldier. They exchange letters until the soldier was deployed to war. The movie adaptation (of the same name) stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. Dear John also set the record for the highest Super Bowl debut, which was previously set by Hannah Montana.

Even before it came at the movies, Dear John has always been a talk about people at work. I remember Iman, my colleague, included "Dear John" (the book) in his wishlist and he got it from Tim. Lunette, my supervisor, already read the book for quite some time and informed us that it is a good book to read. But I still have to decide whether to buy the book or not..I think I have to watch the movie first instead.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Slumdog Millionaire...gotta watch this tonight on Star Movies @ 9PM.. never get bored of an award-winning movie during Sunday nights.. JAI HO!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Summers in Antarctica

Magnificent landscape and scenery of dry lands in Antarctica..and not covered with ice..these are real photos, taken from Mental Floss site. Awesome view...