Thursday, February 11, 2010

AI Group Night drama..

Last night's Idol episode was one of my favorites since Season 3 (the first season I've watched since Jasmine Trias was on that season). Group Night is when Idol hopefuls form their groups and blend in with each other to awe the judges..and survive the Hollywood week. This is a crucial part of the competition since this will showcase the hopefuls' teamwork and work ethics as well.. And this is the most stressful portion of the competition..with less hours of sleep and dreadful waking overnight of rehearsals. Well I still say it's nothing compared to SYTYCD overnight team choreography rounds in Las Vegas.

What's interesting about last night is the battle between the Neopolitan group and the Destiny's Wild. both of them sang Lady Gaga's Bad romance and Destiny's wild FTW! They have style and choreography combined that me myself said "Wow!".

It is also the most dramatic week for AI. One contestant had his wife on labor while on Hollywood Week and before he got on stage for their performance, his wife delivered a healthy baby girl + he got through the next round.

Lesson learned: always memorize your lyrics..almost all of them have good voices but was cut due to "I forgot the lyrics" issues. Some even mumble the lyrics while singing their hearts out, some fake the lyrics which is to the disgusts of the judges and Gwen Stefani may not be too happy to listen to her song being murdered on stage (Sweet Escape).

BTW, I felt sad Erica Rhodes was eliminated. She will always be remembered as Barney girl...

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