Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The race around the world began...

Last Monday night was the start of Amazing Race 16. I actually went home to eat dinner with my family and immediately went back to my pad to watch the telecast of the newest season. I'm actually rooting for Caitlin Upton..not that I'm a big fan but to see how she handles herself in the race after being criticized for her Q&A portion in Ms. Teen USA 2007. The whole cast was interesting ranging from cowboy champions (brothers), detectives, a team with an athletic grandmother, brothers (a straight and a gay), Big Brother housemates (Jordan Lloyd was the big winner for the American Big Brother Season 11), a coach for Cleveland Indians baseball team (
Steven John Smith) and lovers, both ladies (lesbo-love!). One of them seems to look like Ellen DeGeneres (for me!)

The race started in Los Angeles to Chile. And Caitlin was the center of attention to brothers Dan & Jordan (i forgot who's the gay one) who can even memorize Caitlin's infamous answer during the 2007 pageant. Caitlin and boyfriend Brent was the first team to have a 30 minute penalty, not following the instructions after a Roadblock. They have to ride a funicular as a means of transportation to their next clue but the pair went down the steep by foot. They were originally the 2nd team to arrive but fell 7th place due to the penalty. Brothers Dan and Jordan also came in with a 15 minute penalty due to losing a paintbrush during a task. High School sweethearts Dana & Adrian did not finish the Roadblock, causing their team to lose the competition.

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