Friday, February 26, 2010

HeartGold and SoulSilver European release

I can't wait for the European release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. These are the upcoming NDS games for the Pokemon series which is a remake of Gold and Silver versions in GameBoy color. A month more to go. It will be officially out on market in UK on March 26. I was able to talk with Vince, a childhood friend who's in the UK now, to check on the prices. Each cartridge is sold at £32 which is 2464Php equivalent here in the Philippines. The PokeWalker kit is at £13.97. I already told him that I would get one..I would love to have the original cartridge for these games. I hope FedEx will not that much for me to handle especially for the cost of delivery hehehe.

Too bad I can't join play hosting for this event..Of course, I'm here in the Philippines and it's in London. Those who will be joining can get an event Arceus for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and also 2 figurines for Ho-oh and Lugia, the two Pokemon featured in Heart gold and Soul silver, respectively.

Pokemon Event link [click here]


  1. Oh my god, I can't wait for this release! I remember getting Silver as a Christmas present when I was small. I still play it sometimes. I'm surprised the internal battery hasn't crapped out yet.

  2. More likely if your cartridge is original, it's lifespan would definitely go longer..unlike my Gold version died out after two years it couldn't save already hahaha