Saturday, September 12, 2009

We'll still rise from the ashes

Phoenix - a legendary/mythical bird which is said to have the power to resurrect itself after death, burnt into ashes and will rise for a new life

Considering a job after college was a difficult one for me. I am a registered nurse but pursuing my profession as early as now may not sound practical . So I resorted to everbody's favorite job as of the moment, a call center agent.

I became a TSR for Teleperformance Accenture account way back July 2008 and was blessed to be included in a team which is the cream of the crop for the account "Team Phoenix". The team had been performing well ever since, even before I came in the group. I really felt intimidated entering the team because of the top performing agents I was with (some I can name Riza Valladolid, Salvador Fontanoza, Shun Llera, Albert Ignalague, Timothy Ferrer, Carlo Rasmo). I was really a newbie that time, such a pain in a butt when it comes to stats..felt guilty the first time we haven't got the no.1 spot because of the few 0 surveys I contributed to the team..sorry guys hehehe. But what's important is the motivation my supervisor, Daddy Jimmy de Jesus, is giving me everyday to do my best. and guess one, I made it on top too.

We all know that Daddy Jimmy has a magic to keep the team alive and kicking. Some may wonder why he is so laid back but this team are kicking asses on the floor ,that everyone sees our team as one of the best there is. He became a good adviser, mentor and of course a father to the team, that's why everyone calls him "Daddy".

Now as a team, we were tagged as "pasaway", "reklamador", "isog", some may even think we are "tikalon", but none the less it was proven that wherever you are on the account, it would still be your teammates who will defend you all the way. The team made me feel I had a family at work, which motivates me to work??? wrong..haha VTO kag extended gid's always fun when you guys are around.. there is a chemistry with our group and that magic that Daddy Jimmy is doing to keep the team strong.

Now as what Tim said, change is constant, and Daddy Jimmy is always telling us that this day would come. And indeed it came, Daddy is on another team, we have a new supervisor, everyone has their emotional moment due to this great change that we are involved with. Team Phoenix had been my first team on the floor, Daddy Jimmy as my first this was a really great impact for me. Even if I was informed about this news when I was still admitted in the hospital, I never failed to share my emotions with Daddy Jimmy (that time ga text kami, and he knows my sentiments) Well nonetheless, right now some of us and I hope all of us will get over with it. We have Ms. Lunette as our new sup and she's fun. It is quite true that we must adjust to her as she is also adjusting to us.

No matter what the name of the team is, no matter who we will be with in the future, no matter who will be our superiors at work, as long as we keep the fire burnin' within us, we will still be the same team that people are looking upon as the BEST! The team name itself is obvious, we might go down, but definitely will rise again from the ashes and be reborn. Team Phoenix..we are Number 1!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

K-pop dominating the Philippine Charts?

I remember way back in high school when everyone (including me, i don't deny it) turned crazy over Meteor Garden, the first Taiwanese telenovela show aired in ABS-CBN. Then came a flood of Korean, Chinese and Japanese telenovelas bringing along with them songs that we Filipinos can barely understand, but despite the language barrier still appreciates these songs

Now this year 4 songs are introduced in the MYX Music Channel which is pure Korean in nature a.k.a. K-pop (short for Korean pop, everybody knows that of course). First was Fire by 2NE1 which became an instant hit not only of its groovy reggae type rhythm and beat but also due to the popularity of Sandara Park way back years ago in the Philippine industry. Second was Sorry Sorry, a song by Super Junior which garnered lots of votes for the MYX International top 20. Third was Nobody by Wonder Girls. Despite being new to the Filipino ears, this song was produced way back 2008 or 2007 in Korea. This is I think the most famous among all K-pop songs right now which not only has a cute set of voices from five lovely ladies, but also with the easy steps to dance with the song (wave like a "no" with your pointing finger, and then clap clap..hahaha).

And also who would forget One More Time and Almost Paradise from the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden renamed "Boys Over Flowers"? It's funny how people in Bacolod would usually vote the song on MOR's most often requested and when asked if they understood it, couldn't find the right answer to their mouth..haha funny people!

Just this afternoon, I was watching Pop MYX and another song came in the scene. this time it's from Big Bang, another Korean group which is the male "version" of 2NE!. Well it was a good song, at least it has few Korean words on it..and lots of English..whew! I guess it would be another song to enter the hit charts here in the Philippines..soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pokemon Crater returns

Well, not exactly the Pokemon Crater site I've known before..but the concept is still the same. Pokemon Battle Arena ( is a new conceptualized site for Pokemon online gamers which was based on Pokemon Crater platform. I remember way back November 14, 2007 when the site closed because the owner went into college and never had an idea of giving the site management to someone else for him or her to continue the game. Well, I was frustrated that all my efforts in having all my Pokemon level up to 100 and some of my precious "shiny" Pokemon (they are rare types) are gone to waste due to the closure of the site.

Now, Pokemon Battle Arena came and somehow it can be a good start for us online trainers. The game itself is not yet fixed, considering it is its Beta version. There are still bugs and errors that needs to be fixed to make the game more realistic and parallel to console games for Pokemon. For now new concepts where added from the original Crater. Credits are given to buy maps (mostly elemental) as well as Pokemon. You cannot use items in wild and gym battles (which they need to fix) and lastly, which I am also a bit have to be a premium account user to get shiny Pokemon the easiest, which means you have to donate in order to get those shiny ones.

Anyways, as of the moment we have nothing but this so better play it then hehehe

Boa and her US debut

Boa is a multilingual Korean artist who made her first debut in the US in 2009 for the song "Eat You Up". She, for me, is not just an ordinary artist. Besides, I already considered her one of the best because she can sing and definitely can dance as well. she's more of a higher level than any female artists I've seen in a form of dancing forte. She can do a sexy dance and suddenly transform into a hiphop machine (she can definitely dance along with hard seen in her Eat You Up video.)

I like Boa ever since she was just an artist in Korea. These songs are "Valenti" which I usually do freestyle on Pump It Up, and Sara, one of my simfiles in my Stepmania at home. Justify Full
Last night I was scanning on my Multiply updates when I saw a new released video from her self-titled US album. It was Energetic, one of my fave songs. The song's video focuses on a club where they have like a dance battle and Boa again showcased her dancing prowess. This is her third single in her album after Eat You Up and I did it for love. Can't wait to see Hypnotic Dancefloor on video too. I'm planning to buy her album but I still haven't seen it being sold at a nearest music store here in our place.

FYI: Her song, Look Who's Talking, in her US album was produced by none other than the Princess of Pop Britney spears..haha sounds so Britney style for me. Here's two videos from her self-titled US album.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The time of the year where FLU infects me

This quarter of the year (July - September) is flu season. And I guess you have an idea what am I going to write for today..

With the world scare of A H1N1 virus (the Philippines is not safe anymore, including Bacolod City) many speculations came across my mind while I spend a day of supposed-to-be working day into a day of sleeping, drinking meds (both Paracetamol and Diatabs, with my mom's suggestion of Pito-Pito Herbal drink hahaha) and eating/drinking all foods rich in vitamin C. Well it started Monday morning when I went home from a party with a friend. My stomach grumbled outrageously (you know what's next) and after I woke up mid-afternoon, got a very very high fever. I was thinking at first it was because of the damn oysters I ate last Sunday since my cousin also had the same problem the same day. But night came and I started experiencing clogged nose, teary eyes and of course, the classic body malaise. My mother also keeps teasing me about the H1N1 flu (she really has time to joke about me getting sick LOL). So I called my supervisor and informed him of my situation, then asked for a preshift VTO from MC. I didn't go to work today (only to find out it was one of those days agents are enjoying pay with there's low call volume *sigh!*).

Just this morning I also heard from one radio commentary about Typhoid fever and it was a surprise that all signs and symptoms for this disease also was experienced by yours truly. But I'm ok now, my stomach is having a rest and got no fever. I just hope I would never experience it again this year (I always get flu once a year every year, but luckily this one was not worst than last year. Funny thing about that one is a paranoia that I got Tuberculosis because I took care of a PTB patient weeks before it happened). Well, my colleagues at work, gotta see you later (Farm Town na naman!) hehehe

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome the new year for being a TSR

July 1, 2009..I turned one year as a technical support representative at work which allowed my supervisor to gave me a work appraisal (increase in salary, yehey!). Well I was a bit surprise of the results considering I did not do well during my previous 6-months appraisal. As I can remember, I only got 3.10 of 5.0 grade during the first six months considering it is my first time job.

I have never imagined myself still working as a TSR for an internet services account for a year now. My original plan was to apply for the job, got hired, and will just finish the 6 months contract given to me by the company. I spent it while waiting for my licensure exam for Nursing results. I passed the NLE and already have my license to practice as a nurse. But due to the persuasion of my supervisors and colleagues (Daddy Jim and Team Phoenix) I am still alive and kicking with the team (consistent number 1 team shall I say, you guys are the best!).

Now back to my new appraisal..i am very overwhelmed of the results. Why? According to Daddy Jimmy, I got the highest appraisal for this year..boosting a 12% increase on my hourly rate for the job. It was amazing, and I could not believe it. I am sure my parents will be very happy to hear this one (I'm helping them out with the utility bills at home). And more money for me to spend for myself. Oh I forgot, I have to save for my NCLEX..hahaha

I'm a Farmer..

Recently added an application in my Facebook account. It's called FARMTOWN where you play as a farmer who tends your farm by growing crops and selling them at the Marketplace. As your crops grow, you harvest them, then plows the field and plants another batch of seeds. Your farm also will have animals and trees on it, if your level permits you to purchase one or your friends gave you these items such as gifts.

Hahaha, this is a new craze so far as I've noticed. Everyone's going crazy on it (others prefer Mafia Wars..but this is less violent..don't get me wrong, I also have a Mafia Wars character). Even at the office, most of my workmates also has their own farms and we tend to send gifts to one another. We also hire each other to harvest our crops because if someone will harvest them for you, it's price at the market will increase by 25%. and also a good way to get exp. points. Well that's all for now, gonna tend my farm and check if my Strawberries are ready to harvest =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going up for the Team Philippines @ TARA

The Amazing Race (USA) had been one of my fave shows since Season 2 (i missed Season 1). Back when I was in high school this show had been an addiction to me that i never missed an episode just to see all the drama and challenges contestants are facing while traveling around the world for worth a million dollars

Now what more could make this race exciting is an Asian version produced way back 3 years, now having participants all across Asia, including some of the new and not-so-new participants from the Philippines.

Here are some of the short comments I would give to the participants..and the good thing is, Philippines is almost there on top..starting with Season 2's third place win and the recently concluded second place win for Season 3.

Just a short preview, The Amazing Race Asia (TARA for short) is composed of 10 teams all over Asia that will travel to several countries to look for clues and perform tasks to survive the game. Each league of the race has 3 basic concepts

DETOUR - players may choose between two tasks, each with its pros and cons
ROADBLOCK - task that only one team member must perform
PITSTOP - finish line for every league. Last team that will arrive may be or not be eliminated, that depends if the league is a predetermined non-elimination race

And some of the twist and turn options..I quote it as "strategic moves" for the race and what makes the race exciting

FAST FORWARD - players can skip all tasks and directly proceed to the pitstop.. only one available for the entire race
YIELD - players can cause a delay for another team, letting them stay on the yield field until the hourglass is done
U-TURN - players must perform a DETOUR task that they haven't performed

Now for the Team Philippines overview Seasons 1 to 3

Season 1

Ernie and Jeena (left) were the first team who got eliminated in the first season. they are such a good team for me, and got lots of potentials..but then it's a race and maybe it is not meant for them to win. Aubrey Miles (yes, the actress which made her major role in movies like Sanib and Xerex), and her bestfriend Jaq made it to Leg 2, and unfortunately two teams who've joined to represent the country are all eliminated. In my opinion, the first team might have a chance against the second one, if they were not eliminated as early as Leg 1.

Season 2

Henry and Trinidad (left) is I guess the most annoying pair during this season. Even just as a viewer, I can't take Trinidad's attitude of being a know-it-all wife when in fact all tasks are performed by his husband. She is very garrolous with all the nonsense things she can get angry about, even if no sense at all. The right one (everyone knows these guys), Marc and Rovilson also suffered bad luck for this race. They are the first in history for the Amazing Race to win almost all legs 1st place. Hmmm, that's good. However, the Roadblack for the final leg gave them the big loss when Rovilson performed it and soon realized he is not good with flags. They won 3rd overall despite the fact that they were first in the Roadblock for the last leg (The finish line is after the Roadblock). At least. Philippines was there on top. They are one team hard to beat, but luck simply gets in the way.

Season 3

The lone team to represent the Philippines this season are partners Geoff (model) and Tisha (former Miss Phil Universe). Now this is the team that I call the bomb. They were not that amazing at first but slowly as the race goes on, this team proved the others that they work as a pair. As I watched the season, I was somehow dismayed by the fact that they are always left out by the other teams when it comes to groupings because of Geoff's "maangas" attitude. I hope I coined it right. But they proved that no one can bring them done and they have to rely on each other to win. They got 2nd place during the race and certainly helped boosts the Philippine's name in the race, right after Marc and Rovilson's 3rd place win.

Now that the 3rd season has closed, I'm really hoping there will be a 4th season. And you got it right, I will be joining, if time permits. Let's cross our fingers. I hope me and my partner (whoever shall it be) would make it.

Mode: Waiting for auditions..hehehe

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DARA..the new Sandara Park

I remember this young lady 5 years ago when she auditioned for Star Circle Quest, a reality talent search show by ABS CBN. She was one of the cutest non-Filipino contestant who made it to the final two of the show due to her charms and charisma. Sandara was not my original bet for the show, because she "was" an underdog and not that good with everything (acting, dancing but she can sing). She is always at the bottom 2 for the show but fans proved that they can send her into stardom with their text votes. She was the title holder for the most number of votes in history of the Philippine text voting up until 2007 (beaten by Bea Saw, PBB Season 2 Big winner).

Sandara is a pure Korean who struggled to mix with the Filipino culture becasue of this contest. She was tagged "krung-krung" becasue of her non-attentive attitude during the contest and sometimes being joked around by the judges. Her famous "Mahal ko Kayo" wave became famous too.

After a short span of time in the Philippine industry, she decided to pursue her career in Korea, her homeland. And she was 100% correct with her decision.

She is now part of YG produced girl group called 2NE1 along with CL, Park Bom and Mei Ji. She focused on her full potentials in dancin and singing, and I can say she is very different than she were before. She has always been my idol and I know some of my friends still hate her even after her huge success now. Hahaha but I don't mind..i'm still rooting for Sandy or better yet called DARA.

Here are two videos of 2NE1 as their debut song, Fire, takes the streets and futuristic space versions..Watch Sandara's dancing skills, way better than before and of course her cute2 voice

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gotta be in with Technology - the Sony Style

Sony Style TV Magazine on AXN Asia

Well i got hold of this show after work. I arrived at my room and tried to check some channels on cable when I came across this show. It is a TV Magazine show hosted by Oli Pettigrew and talks about anything about technology, entertainment and what's hot and not on Asia

I definitely give Pettigrew a thumbs-up in his hosting prowess. He is bubbly and never in the show did he became boring to watch. Some highlights of the said episode I've watch are the Freestyle football by a Japanese group of street entertainers, the introduction for the movie Obsessed by beyonce and Ali Carter (Nikki Sanders of!), and the wonderful
VAIO L - VGC-LT28G (wish I would have one)

Quoted from
"Incorporating a double-hybrid TV tuner, this PC is transformed into an advanced AV centre. A light, airy design makes it seem to float, and the large 22” display, two speakers and Blu-ray Disc™ Drive heighten AV enjoyment. Easy access is provided via the remote commander and wireless mouse/keyboard."

This is one hell of a technology I really one to have + it has a recording capability so I can definitely save and record videos from any cable channels I watch (imagine my own collection of old and new music videos from my fave artists..of course not for piracy purposes).

I think i'll be rooting for this show from now's cool

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Current Gameplay: Pokemon Pearl Version (Nintendo DS)

Like I've said on my previous post, I am currently playing Pokemon Pearl on my Nintendo DS. it is the fourth Generation game for the Pokemon Franchise which features mostly fourth generation Pokemon (Pikachu, btw, is from the first generation). I started playing this on an emulator but decided to buy my own since it makes a different feel if you have the legit game. Now this game has many features I liked in comparison with the previous games. I'll list them down later.

Now this is my current team for my gameplay:

I already defeated the Elite 4 and still currently playing the after in-games. So here is my line-up. As of June 7, 2009 12:10PM

Infernape at Lvl 75
Staraptor at Lvl 74
Luxray at Lvl 76
Floatzel at Lvl 73
Torterra at Lvl 64 (I got this as a Turtwig from GTS, a WiFi trade center featured in the game)
Empoleon at Lvl 70 (got from an egg given to me by Kim)

Now here are some features i liked about this fourth Generation game:

1. Pokeradar - an item which helps you look for rare Pokemon and Shinies (alternate colored Pokemons. (E.g. Yellow Pikachu = normal, golden Pikachu = Shiny)
2. Underground - a place where you can dig for treasures, exchange spheres for items and create Secret Bases
3. Lots and lots of Items
4. New abilities and moves for Pokemon
5. Berry planting and harvesting

Now I remember playing Pokemon Gold/Silver before in GBC. The logn wait is over, they are coming to the DS as remakes of the previous games:

10 years of Pokemon

I started to have this addiction to this anime when I was in Grade 6, way back 2009 when the original Pokemon anime was aired on TV (GMA 7). Eversince, I was having a much liking on it that I started collecting text cards, as a base for my collection. Then came Pokemon Yellow in Gameboy color. I convinced my mom to buy me one so that I can experience the real gameplay for this RPG, and it was satisfying.

When I had my PC at home (I was in 4th year high then), I started to download emulators to experience gameplay swith Gameboy Advance generations of Pokemon (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) since I can't afford to buy my own console. and also FireRed and LeafGreen, the GBA remakes of the first gen games.

I remember I downloaded a DS Emulator to play Pokemon Diamond but it became corrupted after I played the Elite 4 (too bad I got all my Pokemon there all at Lvl 100). So it took time for me to wait again until a new version of the game came out.

2009..My workmate Kim has a DS and a Pokemon pearl game that he is playing with. to better experience the gameplay itself, I asked him if I can borrow the game for a week or two to continue his gameplay. Unfortunately his saved file was deleted (reset back to new game) by his nephew, so I asked him if I can startt my own game. I became addicted to it again that this time since I have my own salary, I decided to buy my own DS. Now his Pokemon Pearl game cartridge is mine and i'm happy with it

Other than these, some of the things I also collect are posters, stickers, Pikachu stuffed toys (I always wanted to order some other Pokemon toys in eBay), and I had a sweet collection of mp3s for all Pokemon related songs - these are from movies,japanese and english animes too. Even my wallpaper for my phone is Pikachu..I love going to Pokemon sites as well as those related ones. I also dream that one day I can join the world championships for Pokemon

well, I can definitely say I am a 100% Pokemaniac.

Monday, June 1, 2009

everyone wants to be a HERO...

"Save the Cheerleader..Save the World"

This happened to be a craze for me after seeing the first few episodes of the first Season.

Heroes "is an American science fiction television drama series created by Tim Kring, which premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006. The series begins by telling the stories of apparently ordinary individuals from around the world who mysteriously develop superhuman abilities, and who then seek to use them to prevent the end of the world as foreseen in images produced by a precognitive painter" (

My personal views for this series, not recommended for kids..why? Violence...especially if Sylar kills (but for me he is the best villain., villain with an attitude!)
The first season was the most exciting, on my characters discovering their abilities. Peter Petrelli is the best (for me) absorbing/mimicking everyone's ability that he sees/encounters, in comparison to Sylar's hunger for power which lead him to become a murderer.Well I'm on the third season and almost done with it. The fourth book is entitled "Fugitives". Quite interesting for a title, better grab my DVD copies =)

List of characters i like most and their abilities:

Peter Petrelli -Power Mimicry

Claire Bennet - Regeneration

Hiro Nakamura - Time Travel

Matt Parkman - Mind Manipulation

Micah Sanders - Technopath

Tracy Strauss - Cryokinesis

Elle Bishop - Electric Manipulation

Now I want to have powers like that...hahaha but i'm not Sylar..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Banana Split, and a load of spoofs

It was my first time to watch the whole show last night..and it was hilarious!

To give you a quick preview, Banana split is a gag show of ABS CBN with cast like Angelica Panganiban, Princess Ryan, RR Gonzaga, Zanjoe Marudo, Christine Reyes, John Prats, Jason Gainza, Pokwang and Pooh.

Last Nights episode has the opening spoof for SNN (Shobiz News Ngayon- a entertainment news show by Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino), entitled NNNN. Angelica's spoof fof Krissy's character was very funny especially her focused its news on the Hayden-Katrina Scandal.. Pokwang played the role of Hayden's mom and it was hilarious..haha "Ayoko ko nang magsalita" and then she fell asleep on the interview LOL

Well if I won't be out next Saturday night to party, then I guess I'll stay home and watch this again

Friday, May 29, 2009

Repost blog #2 (Multiply: Posted July 17, 2008)

Rule: List all the names you were called by and the people who calls you that. Tag at least 5 members of your contacts and give a comment on their site for them to know they've been tagged.

Tagged by pauloishardcore...

My parents gave me this birthname..i don't know but it's the most common names being mixed up (yeah, I know about more than 10 John Earl's..hahaha). My mom uses this name to call me up when she is angry at me.

My home nick...literally..everyone in the house calls me lola, lolo, mom, dad, my brothers...

My elementary classmates call me this one..until now..even Erin and Ronnel who were my classmates back then and again in college still calls me by John and not by my 2nd name

Most common. Most of my friends call me this one..and also my classmates both in High School and College

A nickname I liked myself being called. Actually made up by my classmates from St. Scholastica's Academy back when we were Freshmen in La Salle.

My friendster, myspace and multiply name..what's funny is it's not my real name..but most people I've met in the net calls me that.

The name they call me in our of us and we call each other "BEZ" hehehe

My family name..hmmm probably being called like that when I still was a CAT Officer back then..and also some of my former mentors and professors

My co-CAT officers (batchmates shall I say) call me this until now..yup, I was an Intelligence Officer of our batch way back then

Most of the DDR players here in Bacolod which are younger than me call me this..maybe because I really am a big brother to them

Liahona (my classmate in college) formulated these names..She's making fun of me..grrr what's worst..almost all people close to me in class especially my groupmates in RLE call me by these names..haha but i still love them no matter what

I tagged you!

Repost blog #1 (Multiply: Posted November 16, 2008)

An old blog posted on my Multiply site entitled "Got this from Jesse..kewl!"

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to Google and type in quotation marks, your name, and then "likes to" (ex. "charles likes to"). Type in the first ten things that come up and repost in your own blog. Or you can post it in the comments too!

Earl likes to beg (for what?)

Earl likes to play fetch (do i look like a dog?)

Earl likes to pose (lumalabas ang vanity)

EARL likes to play BEND OVER THE RAIL for all the other guys! (WTF!)

Earl likes to play the guitar and the accordian (how i wish i know)

Earl likes to tickle Katherine, feel her breasts heave under his hand (manyak)

Earl likes to smile and has an outgoing personality that complements his aggressive on-court persona (nice! haha)

Earl likes to eat pizza, burgers, and pancakes (correct..but di naman ako tumataba)

Earl likes to shake the foot of their bed (i've read this..its Earl the ghost..awoooo!)

haha its fun..try it..

Welcoming Myself Back to my BLOGGING addiction

It's been almost a year..yup..almost, since I last written my blog..too bad it's in Myspace and Friendster (which I do not use anymore). Well I've decided to retrieve them anyway and place them here..and this will be my official blog site..

The Prince's World

hmmm..I really don't know why I consider this as the title for my blogsite (other than the fact that it's also my page name for my Multiply account). Here you will be entering JE's thoughts, opinions, and ideas about anything and everything under the sun..
I'm currently at a internet cafe shop to rent a PC so I cannot write down that much (only 30 minutes of paid time) I'll update this post as well as add new ones once I'm home sitting comfortably in front of my PC..

Have a great Thursday night everyone..

PS: It's green coz it's my fave color hehehe

ciao! and GBU =)

Prince JE