Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcoming Myself Back to my BLOGGING addiction

It's been almost a year..yup..almost, since I last written my blog..too bad it's in Myspace and Friendster (which I do not use anymore). Well I've decided to retrieve them anyway and place them here..and this will be my official blog site..

The Prince's World

hmmm..I really don't know why I consider this as the title for my blogsite (other than the fact that it's also my page name for my Multiply account). Here you will be entering JE's thoughts, opinions, and ideas about anything and everything under the sun..
I'm currently at a internet cafe shop to rent a PC so I cannot write down that much (only 30 minutes of paid time) I'll update this post as well as add new ones once I'm home sitting comfortably in front of my PC..

Have a great Thursday night everyone..

PS: It's green coz it's my fave color hehehe

ciao! and GBU =)

Prince JE

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  1. Nice blog bro.. Mahilig ka pala sa Kpop..;)