Friday, June 1, 2012

Meeting Mr Pusangkalye and new blogger friends :)

It has been a few months (again) that i haven't updated my blog.. a major shift in my career came in and I really need time to concentrate on our training (or else I won't get the job) and the fact that my previous hotel does not have WiFi so it hindered me to write any blogs online at all.  Luckily I passed the training so I had time to write a new blog today.

coffee @ A Gan Tea, Greenbelt 2

Last week during my days-off from training, I had a chance to meet Anton of  whom I've been subscribing since last year.  Other than that I also met his wife, their friend Marvin, and bloggers Ryno of and Bernard of We initially met in Glorietta and ate at McDonalds then decided to have small talks over coffee at A Gan Tea at Greenbelt 2.  

 snacktime @ Mcdonald's Glorietta

And as what Mr. Pusangkalye said on his blog entry (, it is very rewarding to share ideas with people online as well as not limiting ourselves in meeting new people to foster new friendship. And yes, inuman naman sa susunod hehe

* Photos courtesy of Antonio Carranza, Jr