Monday, September 27, 2010

My CHIMCHAR plush doll

Got my new Chimchar Doll from eBay. This is actually the first product I bought from eBay and it was worth it. I am usually having a hard time looking for plush dolls here in the Philippines due to its limited availability so I opt to get one online. I was glad that someone here from the Philippines is selling this stuff so I grabbed one for myself as soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee Season 2 Episode 1 rocks with Charice

The long wait is over. Tonight isthe premiere telecast of the much awaited Season 2 of the Multi awarded musical-comedy series Glee where the Filipina singing sensation Charice makes a debut as Sunshine Corazon, the foreign exchange Filipino student in McKinley High School. Although it was shown in ETC 4PM today, I wasn't able to watch it since I was asleep. I also wondered why Star World still advertises that they are going to show Season 1 today even if we expect Season 2 to be televised at 8PM. Well, thanks to Hunnie, one of my colleagues at work, gave me a link to watch live streaming online. It made my day hehehe.

The whole episode itself gives you a feel that there are still more to come with this season. The renditions of the songs are great, some notably excellent. The version of Empire State of Mind by New Directions is much more "groovy" for me rather than Jay-Z and Alicia Key's original. The introduction of Rachel Berry to Sunshine Corazon in the girl's bathroom was funny. The rendition of Telephone was excellent, same as my perception to Lady Gaga and Beyonce's version, considering it was sang by two powerhouses in the show. However, my height of excitement was cut short by Sue Sylvester's intervention at the middle of the song, shouting at both of them "Shut Up!" to end the showdown. Charice's audition for New Directions, "Listen" by Beyonce, is beyond compare...although her live performance in the Oscars was way better than her Glee version.

New quarterback Sam Evans played by Chord Overstreet also makes a debut on this episode. He replaces Finn as the quarterback of the football team after new football coach, Shannon Beiste, removed Finn from the team (he suggested Artie to tryout for the team and honestly, like Beiste, I find it stupid). Sam sang Billionaire with the New Directions boys after showing interest to join the club, but later declined after knowing that Glee is the bottom of the school community. Quinn is back with the Cheerios, replacing Santana as head cheerleader. Mike and Tina starts dating, leaving poor Artie in jealousy.

What I hate about this episode though is Rachel's trickery on Sunshine to prevent her from entering New Directions because she is threatened that the latter will steal the spotlight from her. Sunshine did audition but later on was recruited by Vocal Adrenaline after Sue gave a tip to their vocal coach to recruit Sunshine. I really really hate this part since I was hoping she would be a part of New Directions.

Here's the video of some of the scenes Charice was featured..including her duet with Rachel and her audition for New Directions. She's only a guest star for this episode and will not be included in the next two episodes to come..hopefully Ryan Murphy will consider her as a main cast soon.


Rachel to Sunshine: "I encourage you to audition for Glee Club. Glee Club is Fun. Swaying in background can be fun" LOL

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back on Top: UP crowned 2010 UAAP Cheerdance Champions

Last Sunday was one of the exciting Sundays every year that I usually anticipate. It was the UAAP Cheerdance competition between 8 top universities of the country, a great glory not only for the cheerdancers but also the school they are representing. I happened to be at home, recovering from my flu when this was live telecast in Studio 23 from 2PM til 5PM. I was actually rooting for Far Eastern University Pep Squad since they won last year and surprisingly broke the chance for University of the Philippines to have their back-to-back grand slam win. But this year turned out to be UP's year again.

I was a bit of a judge myself while watching these routines on TV. Coming from a cheer squad during my college days, I am very particular on the do and don'ts of cheerleading. Most of the team actually failed to grab a high score especially on liftings since, common scenario, fliers tend to wobble on their lift routines, some even fall prematurely during their performances. This I guess is one of the advantages UP had with the other teams, since they always are exceptionally "clean" when it comes to liftings and pyramids. The songs used by squads these year were not quite exciting though, with the exception of Ateneo, UP and FEU. I love FEU's music. Since they were inspired by Japanese samurais, they used's Butterfly (yey! DDR), Magic Knight Rayearths anime opening song as well as "Feel Like Dance", the Jpop song that became very popular here in the Philippines way back the 90s era.

UP did excellent this year in comparison to last year's routine. Not only it was very clean and the choreography is nice, the concept is well applicable to boost the tourism of the country. They used festivities such as Ati-Atihan of Aklan, Penagbenga of Baguio and of course, my city's festival, Masskara. Instead of pompoms, they used sunflowers as props. This certian move actually made UP believers quoted on twitter "UP used sunflowers because they know zombies will eat what they have - brains". The statement shows that UP people are intelligent folks and the tweet is well associated to one of the famous PC games to date (one of my fave too) Plants vs. Zombies.

UP were followed by last year's champions FEU Pep Squad, then Salanggawi Dance Troupe of UST came in Third. Ateneo blue Babble Battalion is quite close for the top 3 and followed by De La Salle Pep Squad.
UE Pep Squad, NU Pep Squad, and the Adamson University Pep Squad came in last, respectively.

They indeed went back on top. Coming in third last year did encourage them to strive more, and hit the steps more. I am looking forward for another great routine next year from this team. Congratulations Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Isshu Saga: the next season for Pokemon Anime

Japan will be airing the latest season of Pokemon anime in September 23rd, 2010. This will focus on Ash's journey in Isshu, the region featured in the Pokemon Black and White games. There are certain changes to this season, and very major changes I may say.
Ash will continue his journey in Isshu with Pikachu. But this time, none of his previous buddies will join his quest, even Brock who had been with him since he started in Kanto until his last battle in the Sinnoh League. He will be accompanied by 2 new characters, Iris and Dento.

His new rival, although not confimed is Shooti, a Pokemon trainer and photographer at the same time. The Pokemon Professor for the first town for the first time, is a femal named Dr. Araragi. Still don't know if this will carry over to the English dubs for the show.

A new team of antagonists will try to conquer Isshu which is called Team Plasma. And let's not forget about Team Rocket. Giovanni decided to make them as the team to lead the Team Rocket's base in Isshu=) Here are some of the photos of the characters for the new season.

This season provides many changes also to the characters usual, and trademark outfits. Ash, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Team Rocket as well as Giovanni had a major makeover for this season.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

MASSIVE updates for Pokemon Black & White

It's been a while since I've given updates for the upcoming Pokemon game in Nintendo DS (which I will definitely buy) Pokemon Black and White. Two weeks of wait will be over for Japanese fans as these games will be released by the third week of September. It may be in Japanese version but I'll go ahead and download a ROM for it for my DS to play first hand before the English Version will be available.I have read lots of updates from one of my followed blogs, as well as Bulbapedia so I might as well give a small summary for the updates. it seems that Nintendo and GameFreak are just giving away all the surprises for the next game..but in my case, I find it interesting to try out the new species, moves and new features offered by this game.

There is a total of 40 new Pokemon that are already introduced through Japan shows like Pokemon Sunday and the magazine CoroCoro. This includes the previous species I have introduced on my earlier blogs (with the starters, Zekrom, Reshiram, Zorua, and Zoroark). Here are the pictures of the new ones. Here's the link to's pre-released photos of the new generation Pokemon species. Now you judge... Fifth Generation Pokemon

As compared to PokeWalker for the 5th generation, Trainers are able to send Pokemon from DS to the Internet as called the Dream World. Here, trainers can catch Pokemon not native to Isshu (older generations) with Dream World exclusive abilities not available within any games (e.g. Vaporeon with Hydration, and Glaceon with Ice Body). This is also where you can plant berries (since you can't plant them in Isshu), Get items and trade them with friends and decorate your own house situated on a floating island.

Battles in Black & white may seem a bit exciting than the previous games. The interface is has been change from a static background to everything in motion. This is also the first game to introduce triple battles. Rotation battles works like triple battles but you can rotate your three Pokemon in which one to attack first in every turn you have. And lastly Miracle shooter for multiplayer battles allows you to use items, opposed to the previous games which will not allow you to do so.

There are a total of 27 new attacks and 14 abilities introduced so far. this could either be Pokemon exclusive or could be applicable with the old version Pokemon species.

Like the real world, Pokemon Black & White introduced 4 seasons in the game. It has several effects other than aesthetics in the game. You're character will change clothes according to the season. Pokemon will appear rare or common depending on the season you are in. and some places are only accessible to a specific season. One Pokemon, Shikijika (deer), called the Seasonal Pokemon, changes color depending on the seasons in the game.

C-Gear: works like a Poketch in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. It allows you to use wireless, infrared and WiFi to detect any players with their C-Gear on within the vicinity and enables you to connect to the Global link. Unlike Pal Park though, the method of obtaining them here is a simple minigame. On the top screen, you wil willsee various bushes and the six Pokémon will jump between various ones. Your task here is to use a Bow which shoots out Pokéballs to try and capture them.
High Link: Allows you to play the game side by side with friends. You're avatars will work together in the games to either help each other or compete through missions. full detail not provided yet.. This is done through wireless communication.

Battle Subway: Works just like the Battle tower, only difference is the design and style..but the rationale is still the same.

Pokemon Musical: Much like contest but with new features. It's like taking the appeals round into the next level. After the dress up stage, you will proceed with the musical stage where you control you're Pokemon to follow a rhythm and score more against you're NPC components. Audience, if they like you're performance, will through items for you to keep.

14 more days to go! The fifth generation for Pokemon will finally begin!

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