Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee Season 2 Episode 1 rocks with Charice

The long wait is over. Tonight isthe premiere telecast of the much awaited Season 2 of the Multi awarded musical-comedy series Glee where the Filipina singing sensation Charice makes a debut as Sunshine Corazon, the foreign exchange Filipino student in McKinley High School. Although it was shown in ETC 4PM today, I wasn't able to watch it since I was asleep. I also wondered why Star World still advertises that they are going to show Season 1 today even if we expect Season 2 to be televised at 8PM. Well, thanks to Hunnie, one of my colleagues at work, gave me a link to watch live streaming online. It made my day hehehe.

The whole episode itself gives you a feel that there are still more to come with this season. The renditions of the songs are great, some notably excellent. The version of Empire State of Mind by New Directions is much more "groovy" for me rather than Jay-Z and Alicia Key's original. The introduction of Rachel Berry to Sunshine Corazon in the girl's bathroom was funny. The rendition of Telephone was excellent, same as my perception to Lady Gaga and Beyonce's version, considering it was sang by two powerhouses in the show. However, my height of excitement was cut short by Sue Sylvester's intervention at the middle of the song, shouting at both of them "Shut Up!" to end the showdown. Charice's audition for New Directions, "Listen" by Beyonce, is beyond compare...although her live performance in the Oscars was way better than her Glee version.

New quarterback Sam Evans played by Chord Overstreet also makes a debut on this episode. He replaces Finn as the quarterback of the football team after new football coach, Shannon Beiste, removed Finn from the team (he suggested Artie to tryout for the team and honestly, like Beiste, I find it stupid). Sam sang Billionaire with the New Directions boys after showing interest to join the club, but later declined after knowing that Glee is the bottom of the school community. Quinn is back with the Cheerios, replacing Santana as head cheerleader. Mike and Tina starts dating, leaving poor Artie in jealousy.

What I hate about this episode though is Rachel's trickery on Sunshine to prevent her from entering New Directions because she is threatened that the latter will steal the spotlight from her. Sunshine did audition but later on was recruited by Vocal Adrenaline after Sue gave a tip to their vocal coach to recruit Sunshine. I really really hate this part since I was hoping she would be a part of New Directions.

Here's the video of some of the scenes Charice was featured..including her duet with Rachel and her audition for New Directions. She's only a guest star for this episode and will not be included in the next two episodes to come..hopefully Ryan Murphy will consider her as a main cast soon.


Rachel to Sunshine: "I encourage you to audition for Glee Club. Glee Club is Fun. Swaying in background can be fun" LOL


  1. Kamusta naman si Charice (pronounced as Sharice with no lastname)? Hehehe! Mabalik na xa ayhan sa New Directions? Tani lang no para damo sa appearances... Hehehe!

  2. @amacio: 10 episodes daw siya ma appear sa Glee..but dunno when ang next