Monday, September 13, 2010

Back on Top: UP crowned 2010 UAAP Cheerdance Champions

Last Sunday was one of the exciting Sundays every year that I usually anticipate. It was the UAAP Cheerdance competition between 8 top universities of the country, a great glory not only for the cheerdancers but also the school they are representing. I happened to be at home, recovering from my flu when this was live telecast in Studio 23 from 2PM til 5PM. I was actually rooting for Far Eastern University Pep Squad since they won last year and surprisingly broke the chance for University of the Philippines to have their back-to-back grand slam win. But this year turned out to be UP's year again.

I was a bit of a judge myself while watching these routines on TV. Coming from a cheer squad during my college days, I am very particular on the do and don'ts of cheerleading. Most of the team actually failed to grab a high score especially on liftings since, common scenario, fliers tend to wobble on their lift routines, some even fall prematurely during their performances. This I guess is one of the advantages UP had with the other teams, since they always are exceptionally "clean" when it comes to liftings and pyramids. The songs used by squads these year were not quite exciting though, with the exception of Ateneo, UP and FEU. I love FEU's music. Since they were inspired by Japanese samurais, they used's Butterfly (yey! DDR), Magic Knight Rayearths anime opening song as well as "Feel Like Dance", the Jpop song that became very popular here in the Philippines way back the 90s era.

UP did excellent this year in comparison to last year's routine. Not only it was very clean and the choreography is nice, the concept is well applicable to boost the tourism of the country. They used festivities such as Ati-Atihan of Aklan, Penagbenga of Baguio and of course, my city's festival, Masskara. Instead of pompoms, they used sunflowers as props. This certian move actually made UP believers quoted on twitter "UP used sunflowers because they know zombies will eat what they have - brains". The statement shows that UP people are intelligent folks and the tweet is well associated to one of the famous PC games to date (one of my fave too) Plants vs. Zombies.

UP were followed by last year's champions FEU Pep Squad, then Salanggawi Dance Troupe of UST came in Third. Ateneo blue Babble Battalion is quite close for the top 3 and followed by De La Salle Pep Squad.
UE Pep Squad, NU Pep Squad, and the Adamson University Pep Squad came in last, respectively.

They indeed went back on top. Coming in third last year did encourage them to strive more, and hit the steps more. I am looking forward for another great routine next year from this team. Congratulations Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!!!

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