Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pokemon Crater returns

Well, not exactly the Pokemon Crater site I've known before..but the concept is still the same. Pokemon Battle Arena ( is a new conceptualized site for Pokemon online gamers which was based on Pokemon Crater platform. I remember way back November 14, 2007 when the site closed because the owner went into college and never had an idea of giving the site management to someone else for him or her to continue the game. Well, I was frustrated that all my efforts in having all my Pokemon level up to 100 and some of my precious "shiny" Pokemon (they are rare types) are gone to waste due to the closure of the site.

Now, Pokemon Battle Arena came and somehow it can be a good start for us online trainers. The game itself is not yet fixed, considering it is its Beta version. There are still bugs and errors that needs to be fixed to make the game more realistic and parallel to console games for Pokemon. For now new concepts where added from the original Crater. Credits are given to buy maps (mostly elemental) as well as Pokemon. You cannot use items in wild and gym battles (which they need to fix) and lastly, which I am also a bit have to be a premium account user to get shiny Pokemon the easiest, which means you have to donate in order to get those shiny ones.

Anyways, as of the moment we have nothing but this so better play it then hehehe

Boa and her US debut

Boa is a multilingual Korean artist who made her first debut in the US in 2009 for the song "Eat You Up". She, for me, is not just an ordinary artist. Besides, I already considered her one of the best because she can sing and definitely can dance as well. she's more of a higher level than any female artists I've seen in a form of dancing forte. She can do a sexy dance and suddenly transform into a hiphop machine (she can definitely dance along with hard seen in her Eat You Up video.)

I like Boa ever since she was just an artist in Korea. These songs are "Valenti" which I usually do freestyle on Pump It Up, and Sara, one of my simfiles in my Stepmania at home. Justify Full
Last night I was scanning on my Multiply updates when I saw a new released video from her self-titled US album. It was Energetic, one of my fave songs. The song's video focuses on a club where they have like a dance battle and Boa again showcased her dancing prowess. This is her third single in her album after Eat You Up and I did it for love. Can't wait to see Hypnotic Dancefloor on video too. I'm planning to buy her album but I still haven't seen it being sold at a nearest music store here in our place.

FYI: Her song, Look Who's Talking, in her US album was produced by none other than the Princess of Pop Britney spears..haha sounds so Britney style for me. Here's two videos from her self-titled US album.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The time of the year where FLU infects me

This quarter of the year (July - September) is flu season. And I guess you have an idea what am I going to write for today..

With the world scare of A H1N1 virus (the Philippines is not safe anymore, including Bacolod City) many speculations came across my mind while I spend a day of supposed-to-be working day into a day of sleeping, drinking meds (both Paracetamol and Diatabs, with my mom's suggestion of Pito-Pito Herbal drink hahaha) and eating/drinking all foods rich in vitamin C. Well it started Monday morning when I went home from a party with a friend. My stomach grumbled outrageously (you know what's next) and after I woke up mid-afternoon, got a very very high fever. I was thinking at first it was because of the damn oysters I ate last Sunday since my cousin also had the same problem the same day. But night came and I started experiencing clogged nose, teary eyes and of course, the classic body malaise. My mother also keeps teasing me about the H1N1 flu (she really has time to joke about me getting sick LOL). So I called my supervisor and informed him of my situation, then asked for a preshift VTO from MC. I didn't go to work today (only to find out it was one of those days agents are enjoying pay with there's low call volume *sigh!*).

Just this morning I also heard from one radio commentary about Typhoid fever and it was a surprise that all signs and symptoms for this disease also was experienced by yours truly. But I'm ok now, my stomach is having a rest and got no fever. I just hope I would never experience it again this year (I always get flu once a year every year, but luckily this one was not worst than last year. Funny thing about that one is a paranoia that I got Tuberculosis because I took care of a PTB patient weeks before it happened). Well, my colleagues at work, gotta see you later (Farm Town na naman!) hehehe

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome the new year for being a TSR

July 1, 2009..I turned one year as a technical support representative at work which allowed my supervisor to gave me a work appraisal (increase in salary, yehey!). Well I was a bit surprise of the results considering I did not do well during my previous 6-months appraisal. As I can remember, I only got 3.10 of 5.0 grade during the first six months considering it is my first time job.

I have never imagined myself still working as a TSR for an internet services account for a year now. My original plan was to apply for the job, got hired, and will just finish the 6 months contract given to me by the company. I spent it while waiting for my licensure exam for Nursing results. I passed the NLE and already have my license to practice as a nurse. But due to the persuasion of my supervisors and colleagues (Daddy Jim and Team Phoenix) I am still alive and kicking with the team (consistent number 1 team shall I say, you guys are the best!).

Now back to my new appraisal..i am very overwhelmed of the results. Why? According to Daddy Jimmy, I got the highest appraisal for this year..boosting a 12% increase on my hourly rate for the job. It was amazing, and I could not believe it. I am sure my parents will be very happy to hear this one (I'm helping them out with the utility bills at home). And more money for me to spend for myself. Oh I forgot, I have to save for my NCLEX..hahaha

I'm a Farmer..

Recently added an application in my Facebook account. It's called FARMTOWN where you play as a farmer who tends your farm by growing crops and selling them at the Marketplace. As your crops grow, you harvest them, then plows the field and plants another batch of seeds. Your farm also will have animals and trees on it, if your level permits you to purchase one or your friends gave you these items such as gifts.

Hahaha, this is a new craze so far as I've noticed. Everyone's going crazy on it (others prefer Mafia Wars..but this is less violent..don't get me wrong, I also have a Mafia Wars character). Even at the office, most of my workmates also has their own farms and we tend to send gifts to one another. We also hire each other to harvest our crops because if someone will harvest them for you, it's price at the market will increase by 25%. and also a good way to get exp. points. Well that's all for now, gonna tend my farm and check if my Strawberries are ready to harvest =)