Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome the new year for being a TSR

July 1, 2009..I turned one year as a technical support representative at work which allowed my supervisor to gave me a work appraisal (increase in salary, yehey!). Well I was a bit surprise of the results considering I did not do well during my previous 6-months appraisal. As I can remember, I only got 3.10 of 5.0 grade during the first six months considering it is my first time job.

I have never imagined myself still working as a TSR for an internet services account for a year now. My original plan was to apply for the job, got hired, and will just finish the 6 months contract given to me by the company. I spent it while waiting for my licensure exam for Nursing results. I passed the NLE and already have my license to practice as a nurse. But due to the persuasion of my supervisors and colleagues (Daddy Jim and Team Phoenix) I am still alive and kicking with the team (consistent number 1 team shall I say, you guys are the best!).

Now back to my new appraisal..i am very overwhelmed of the results. Why? According to Daddy Jimmy, I got the highest appraisal for this year..boosting a 12% increase on my hourly rate for the job. It was amazing, and I could not believe it. I am sure my parents will be very happy to hear this one (I'm helping them out with the utility bills at home). And more money for me to spend for myself. Oh I forgot, I have to save for my NCLEX..hahaha

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