Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The time of the year where FLU infects me

This quarter of the year (July - September) is flu season. And I guess you have an idea what am I going to write for today..

With the world scare of A H1N1 virus (the Philippines is not safe anymore, including Bacolod City) many speculations came across my mind while I spend a day of supposed-to-be working day into a day of sleeping, drinking meds (both Paracetamol and Diatabs, with my mom's suggestion of Pito-Pito Herbal drink hahaha) and eating/drinking all foods rich in vitamin C. Well it started Monday morning when I went home from a party with a friend. My stomach grumbled outrageously (you know what's next) and after I woke up mid-afternoon, got a very very high fever. I was thinking at first it was because of the damn oysters I ate last Sunday since my cousin also had the same problem the same day. But night came and I started experiencing clogged nose, teary eyes and of course, the classic body malaise. My mother also keeps teasing me about the H1N1 flu (she really has time to joke about me getting sick LOL). So I called my supervisor and informed him of my situation, then asked for a preshift VTO from MC. I didn't go to work today (only to find out it was one of those days agents are enjoying pay with there's low call volume *sigh!*).

Just this morning I also heard from one radio commentary about Typhoid fever and it was a surprise that all signs and symptoms for this disease also was experienced by yours truly. But I'm ok now, my stomach is having a rest and got no fever. I just hope I would never experience it again this year (I always get flu once a year every year, but luckily this one was not worst than last year. Funny thing about that one is a paranoia that I got Tuberculosis because I took care of a PTB patient weeks before it happened). Well, my colleagues at work, gotta see you later (Farm Town na naman!) hehehe

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