Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boa and her US debut

Boa is a multilingual Korean artist who made her first debut in the US in 2009 for the song "Eat You Up". She, for me, is not just an ordinary artist. Besides, I already considered her one of the best because she can sing and definitely can dance as well. she's more of a higher level than any female artists I've seen in a form of dancing forte. She can do a sexy dance and suddenly transform into a hiphop machine (she can definitely dance along with hard seen in her Eat You Up video.)

I like Boa ever since she was just an artist in Korea. These songs are "Valenti" which I usually do freestyle on Pump It Up, and Sara, one of my simfiles in my Stepmania at home. Justify Full
Last night I was scanning on my Multiply updates when I saw a new released video from her self-titled US album. It was Energetic, one of my fave songs. The song's video focuses on a club where they have like a dance battle and Boa again showcased her dancing prowess. This is her third single in her album after Eat You Up and I did it for love. Can't wait to see Hypnotic Dancefloor on video too. I'm planning to buy her album but I still haven't seen it being sold at a nearest music store here in our place.

FYI: Her song, Look Who's Talking, in her US album was produced by none other than the Princess of Pop Britney spears..haha sounds so Britney style for me. Here's two videos from her self-titled US album.

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