Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pokemon Crater returns

Well, not exactly the Pokemon Crater site I've known before..but the concept is still the same. Pokemon Battle Arena ( is a new conceptualized site for Pokemon online gamers which was based on Pokemon Crater platform. I remember way back November 14, 2007 when the site closed because the owner went into college and never had an idea of giving the site management to someone else for him or her to continue the game. Well, I was frustrated that all my efforts in having all my Pokemon level up to 100 and some of my precious "shiny" Pokemon (they are rare types) are gone to waste due to the closure of the site.

Now, Pokemon Battle Arena came and somehow it can be a good start for us online trainers. The game itself is not yet fixed, considering it is its Beta version. There are still bugs and errors that needs to be fixed to make the game more realistic and parallel to console games for Pokemon. For now new concepts where added from the original Crater. Credits are given to buy maps (mostly elemental) as well as Pokemon. You cannot use items in wild and gym battles (which they need to fix) and lastly, which I am also a bit have to be a premium account user to get shiny Pokemon the easiest, which means you have to donate in order to get those shiny ones.

Anyways, as of the moment we have nothing but this so better play it then hehehe

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