Sunday, February 20, 2011

Featured in one picture that is

Ei, just discovered today from Hunnie that one of my photos with Azkals Goalie Neil Etheridge was featured in one Tumbler account dedicated for the that's something..hahaha

here's the link...

and the Photo of course...

was just a rare chance, since L'Fisher Chalet was a little bit strict with their security after the Azkals transferred from Luxur Place (previous hotel they were in, just beside my office), we (me, my girlfriend and two of our "in a relationship" friends still had a chance to meet him up close and what else, take photos with him.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Up close with the AZKALS

Azkals (or Street Dogs) is the more common call name for the Philippine national football team that represents the country in international football. The team bags it's popularity recently after finishing 2-0 with Vietnam, the defending champion of the AFF Suzuki Cup, held in the latter's home court, which also qualified the team to the semi-final rounds. They did bow down to Indonesia in their 1st and 2nd match durig the semis, however.

I remember way back 2005 when the football craze started here in Bacolod. The Azkals together with the other football teams in SE Asia had their matches in Panaad Stadium for the SEA Games. that was the first time I ever watched the game live..due to easy access to the location (I live near the Panaad Stadium - 10 minute walk from our house). This year, they'll have their match again here in the city on Feb 9. But this time, not only I can watch them live, but also have meet some of them already in person, up-close.

Maybe almost everyone in Teleperformance (my workplace) who are Azkals fanatic would say they are the luckiest fans out there. The team decided to have their stay in the Luxur Place, the hotel just beside the office for a week for their practice games. Well don't blame me..I'm just a fan too. So I got myself in the hotel early in the morning after work, with friends and my girlfriend, to meet them.

With the team before the star players of the team arrived

with Team Captain Alexander "Aly" Borromeo

Me, Edz and Hunnie with the Younghusband Brothers, James & Phil

With Edward Sacapano, homegrown goalkeeper of the team from Bago City