Saturday, May 30, 2009

Banana Split, and a load of spoofs

It was my first time to watch the whole show last night..and it was hilarious!

To give you a quick preview, Banana split is a gag show of ABS CBN with cast like Angelica Panganiban, Princess Ryan, RR Gonzaga, Zanjoe Marudo, Christine Reyes, John Prats, Jason Gainza, Pokwang and Pooh.

Last Nights episode has the opening spoof for SNN (Shobiz News Ngayon- a entertainment news show by Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino), entitled NNNN. Angelica's spoof fof Krissy's character was very funny especially her focused its news on the Hayden-Katrina Scandal.. Pokwang played the role of Hayden's mom and it was hilarious..haha "Ayoko ko nang magsalita" and then she fell asleep on the interview LOL

Well if I won't be out next Saturday night to party, then I guess I'll stay home and watch this again

Friday, May 29, 2009

Repost blog #2 (Multiply: Posted July 17, 2008)

Rule: List all the names you were called by and the people who calls you that. Tag at least 5 members of your contacts and give a comment on their site for them to know they've been tagged.

Tagged by pauloishardcore...

My parents gave me this birthname..i don't know but it's the most common names being mixed up (yeah, I know about more than 10 John Earl's..hahaha). My mom uses this name to call me up when she is angry at me.

My home nick...literally..everyone in the house calls me lola, lolo, mom, dad, my brothers...

My elementary classmates call me this one..until now..even Erin and Ronnel who were my classmates back then and again in college still calls me by John and not by my 2nd name

Most common. Most of my friends call me this one..and also my classmates both in High School and College

A nickname I liked myself being called. Actually made up by my classmates from St. Scholastica's Academy back when we were Freshmen in La Salle.

My friendster, myspace and multiply name..what's funny is it's not my real name..but most people I've met in the net calls me that.

The name they call me in our of us and we call each other "BEZ" hehehe

My family name..hmmm probably being called like that when I still was a CAT Officer back then..and also some of my former mentors and professors

My co-CAT officers (batchmates shall I say) call me this until now..yup, I was an Intelligence Officer of our batch way back then

Most of the DDR players here in Bacolod which are younger than me call me this..maybe because I really am a big brother to them

Liahona (my classmate in college) formulated these names..She's making fun of me..grrr what's worst..almost all people close to me in class especially my groupmates in RLE call me by these names..haha but i still love them no matter what

I tagged you!

Repost blog #1 (Multiply: Posted November 16, 2008)

An old blog posted on my Multiply site entitled "Got this from Jesse..kewl!"

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to Google and type in quotation marks, your name, and then "likes to" (ex. "charles likes to"). Type in the first ten things that come up and repost in your own blog. Or you can post it in the comments too!

Earl likes to beg (for what?)

Earl likes to play fetch (do i look like a dog?)

Earl likes to pose (lumalabas ang vanity)

EARL likes to play BEND OVER THE RAIL for all the other guys! (WTF!)

Earl likes to play the guitar and the accordian (how i wish i know)

Earl likes to tickle Katherine, feel her breasts heave under his hand (manyak)

Earl likes to smile and has an outgoing personality that complements his aggressive on-court persona (nice! haha)

Earl likes to eat pizza, burgers, and pancakes (correct..but di naman ako tumataba)

Earl likes to shake the foot of their bed (i've read this..its Earl the ghost..awoooo!)

haha its fun..try it..

Welcoming Myself Back to my BLOGGING addiction

It's been almost a year..yup..almost, since I last written my blog..too bad it's in Myspace and Friendster (which I do not use anymore). Well I've decided to retrieve them anyway and place them here..and this will be my official blog site..

The Prince's World

hmmm..I really don't know why I consider this as the title for my blogsite (other than the fact that it's also my page name for my Multiply account). Here you will be entering JE's thoughts, opinions, and ideas about anything and everything under the sun..
I'm currently at a internet cafe shop to rent a PC so I cannot write down that much (only 30 minutes of paid time) I'll update this post as well as add new ones once I'm home sitting comfortably in front of my PC..

Have a great Thursday night everyone..

PS: It's green coz it's my fave color hehehe

ciao! and GBU =)

Prince JE