Monday, April 2, 2012

Celebrating Earth Hour 2012 with a shot !

Earth Hour, one of the largest environmental events in the world which originated in Sydney Australia in 2007, took off last March 31, 2012 between 8:30 to 9:20 PM MNL time. I have also been a participant on this event for 2 years now and I took a chance to try something else this year.

Rather than staying home to turn off the lights for an hour, I decided to go to one of our malls here in Bacolod to celebrate the event. In line with my workplace's initiative to have a photography contest for Earth Hour 2012, I decided to join and grabbed my girlfriend's camera (yes, I still haven't bought mine..haha) and captured some shots from the Earth Hour activity that was held there and then. After a sumptuous dinner at Bob's, me and my girlfriend were lucky to see an ongoing lighting event which featured candles in shape of the Philippine Islands. I asked a SM personnel to allow me to climb a podium and on several clicks, I have found my entry for Teleperformance's Earth Hour 2012 contest.

The results just came in last night and I was lucky enough to grab the top prize. The Facebook likes were only 30% of the total judging and I garnered a total of 94.81% from the judges, out of 23 contenders from all over Teleperformance sites in the Philippines. I thank everyone for the support, especially in Facebook since I had the top photo via likes, which really helped a lot in the overall score. I'm wondering what would be the next contest at work, I might join again if time would permit.