Saturday, September 12, 2009

We'll still rise from the ashes

Phoenix - a legendary/mythical bird which is said to have the power to resurrect itself after death, burnt into ashes and will rise for a new life

Considering a job after college was a difficult one for me. I am a registered nurse but pursuing my profession as early as now may not sound practical . So I resorted to everbody's favorite job as of the moment, a call center agent.

I became a TSR for Teleperformance Accenture account way back July 2008 and was blessed to be included in a team which is the cream of the crop for the account "Team Phoenix". The team had been performing well ever since, even before I came in the group. I really felt intimidated entering the team because of the top performing agents I was with (some I can name Riza Valladolid, Salvador Fontanoza, Shun Llera, Albert Ignalague, Timothy Ferrer, Carlo Rasmo). I was really a newbie that time, such a pain in a butt when it comes to stats..felt guilty the first time we haven't got the no.1 spot because of the few 0 surveys I contributed to the team..sorry guys hehehe. But what's important is the motivation my supervisor, Daddy Jimmy de Jesus, is giving me everyday to do my best. and guess one, I made it on top too.

We all know that Daddy Jimmy has a magic to keep the team alive and kicking. Some may wonder why he is so laid back but this team are kicking asses on the floor ,that everyone sees our team as one of the best there is. He became a good adviser, mentor and of course a father to the team, that's why everyone calls him "Daddy".

Now as a team, we were tagged as "pasaway", "reklamador", "isog", some may even think we are "tikalon", but none the less it was proven that wherever you are on the account, it would still be your teammates who will defend you all the way. The team made me feel I had a family at work, which motivates me to work??? wrong..haha VTO kag extended gid's always fun when you guys are around.. there is a chemistry with our group and that magic that Daddy Jimmy is doing to keep the team strong.

Now as what Tim said, change is constant, and Daddy Jimmy is always telling us that this day would come. And indeed it came, Daddy is on another team, we have a new supervisor, everyone has their emotional moment due to this great change that we are involved with. Team Phoenix had been my first team on the floor, Daddy Jimmy as my first this was a really great impact for me. Even if I was informed about this news when I was still admitted in the hospital, I never failed to share my emotions with Daddy Jimmy (that time ga text kami, and he knows my sentiments) Well nonetheless, right now some of us and I hope all of us will get over with it. We have Ms. Lunette as our new sup and she's fun. It is quite true that we must adjust to her as she is also adjusting to us.

No matter what the name of the team is, no matter who we will be with in the future, no matter who will be our superiors at work, as long as we keep the fire burnin' within us, we will still be the same team that people are looking upon as the BEST! The team name itself is obvious, we might go down, but definitely will rise again from the ashes and be reborn. Team Phoenix..we are Number 1!