Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Isshu Saga: the next season for Pokemon Anime

Japan will be airing the latest season of Pokemon anime in September 23rd, 2010. This will focus on Ash's journey in Isshu, the region featured in the Pokemon Black and White games. There are certain changes to this season, and very major changes I may say.
Ash will continue his journey in Isshu with Pikachu. But this time, none of his previous buddies will join his quest, even Brock who had been with him since he started in Kanto until his last battle in the Sinnoh League. He will be accompanied by 2 new characters, Iris and Dento.

His new rival, although not confimed is Shooti, a Pokemon trainer and photographer at the same time. The Pokemon Professor for the first town for the first time, is a femal named Dr. Araragi. Still don't know if this will carry over to the English dubs for the show.

A new team of antagonists will try to conquer Isshu which is called Team Plasma. And let's not forget about Team Rocket. Giovanni decided to make them as the team to lead the Team Rocket's base in Isshu=) Here are some of the photos of the characters for the new season.

This season provides many changes also to the characters usual, and trademark outfits. Ash, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Team Rocket as well as Giovanni had a major makeover for this season.

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