Thursday, September 2, 2010

MASSIVE updates for Pokemon Black & White

It's been a while since I've given updates for the upcoming Pokemon game in Nintendo DS (which I will definitely buy) Pokemon Black and White. Two weeks of wait will be over for Japanese fans as these games will be released by the third week of September. It may be in Japanese version but I'll go ahead and download a ROM for it for my DS to play first hand before the English Version will be available.I have read lots of updates from one of my followed blogs, as well as Bulbapedia so I might as well give a small summary for the updates. it seems that Nintendo and GameFreak are just giving away all the surprises for the next game..but in my case, I find it interesting to try out the new species, moves and new features offered by this game.

There is a total of 40 new Pokemon that are already introduced through Japan shows like Pokemon Sunday and the magazine CoroCoro. This includes the previous species I have introduced on my earlier blogs (with the starters, Zekrom, Reshiram, Zorua, and Zoroark). Here are the pictures of the new ones. Here's the link to's pre-released photos of the new generation Pokemon species. Now you judge... Fifth Generation Pokemon

As compared to PokeWalker for the 5th generation, Trainers are able to send Pokemon from DS to the Internet as called the Dream World. Here, trainers can catch Pokemon not native to Isshu (older generations) with Dream World exclusive abilities not available within any games (e.g. Vaporeon with Hydration, and Glaceon with Ice Body). This is also where you can plant berries (since you can't plant them in Isshu), Get items and trade them with friends and decorate your own house situated on a floating island.

Battles in Black & white may seem a bit exciting than the previous games. The interface is has been change from a static background to everything in motion. This is also the first game to introduce triple battles. Rotation battles works like triple battles but you can rotate your three Pokemon in which one to attack first in every turn you have. And lastly Miracle shooter for multiplayer battles allows you to use items, opposed to the previous games which will not allow you to do so.

There are a total of 27 new attacks and 14 abilities introduced so far. this could either be Pokemon exclusive or could be applicable with the old version Pokemon species.

Like the real world, Pokemon Black & White introduced 4 seasons in the game. It has several effects other than aesthetics in the game. You're character will change clothes according to the season. Pokemon will appear rare or common depending on the season you are in. and some places are only accessible to a specific season. One Pokemon, Shikijika (deer), called the Seasonal Pokemon, changes color depending on the seasons in the game.

C-Gear: works like a Poketch in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. It allows you to use wireless, infrared and WiFi to detect any players with their C-Gear on within the vicinity and enables you to connect to the Global link. Unlike Pal Park though, the method of obtaining them here is a simple minigame. On the top screen, you wil willsee various bushes and the six Pokémon will jump between various ones. Your task here is to use a Bow which shoots out Pokéballs to try and capture them.
High Link: Allows you to play the game side by side with friends. You're avatars will work together in the games to either help each other or compete through missions. full detail not provided yet.. This is done through wireless communication.

Battle Subway: Works just like the Battle tower, only difference is the design and style..but the rationale is still the same.

Pokemon Musical: Much like contest but with new features. It's like taking the appeals round into the next level. After the dress up stage, you will proceed with the musical stage where you control you're Pokemon to follow a rhythm and score more against you're NPC components. Audience, if they like you're performance, will through items for you to keep.

14 more days to go! The fifth generation for Pokemon will finally begin!

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