Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MAJOR MAJOR mistake??

"Today is the most beautiful day in the universe" - the famous line from one of the prestigious beauty pageants in the world, Ms. Universe. Well, not specifically this date August 25th every year but you get the point.

After the horrible incident that happened yesterday in Quirino Grandstand in Manila (a great commotion not only here in the Philippines but also in the international scene) which not only brought shame to our country but also endangered our stand for tourism and alliance from neighboring countries, specifically HongKong, the Philippines was given again another time to shine, this time in a good, errr, good way.

Ms. Maria Venus Raj, the 2010 Binibining Pilipinas Universe represented the country for the 2010 Ms. Universe held in Mandalay Bay hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and may I say she did well, excellent..not until the dreaded final question. She came through as the last person to be announced as part of the Top 15, 3rd to be called upon in top 10 and again last to be called to join the Top 5. Together with her were Mexico, Australia, Jamaica and Ukraine.

All went smoothly, from the swimwear to the long gown. she was the crowd favorite, considering Las Vegas has a very large community for Filipinos. Reports also had claimed she is one of the judge's choice for the crown..and to reiterate..not until the Final question.

So what's the big deal with the final Q&A that made her land as the 4th Runner Up instead of grabbing the coveted title? Did she made a major mistake? Yes she did..

When asked if what are her life's mistakes, she excitedly but blandly answered she has none. That is sure an honest answer but she could have thought of her experiences before, like losing her crown and having them back because she fought for it. After hearing her answer, I was a bit down to be honest. She really had a good chance to get the crown but she let it slipped. And to her defense, the question was too personal rather than the other contestants who got questions like importance of internet to the youth, full body scanning in international airports, etc. These are current event questions that are very relevant to what Miss Universe is supposed to be, by taking a good example to the world. I feel sorry for her actually but still proud she made it to the Top 5. the last one was a decade ago, Miriam Quiambao grabbing the 1st Runner up title.

She said "I don't have any major major, i mean, problem in my entire life". the quote "MAJOR MAJOR" had been a trending topic all over the world, not only the net but also in real life. It had been a catch-phrase her in the office as of the moment.. Mexico got the crown, but Venus is still a trending topic all over the planet. That's a major major achievement I may say..

Peace Out

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