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Spotlight: DanceDanceRevolution X2

**Late post - i just had time to recover my computer..created this blog July 24, 2010

July 7, 2010 is a historical event for all DDR Players around the world. The most anticipated sequel to the 10th Anniversary DDR X was released for arcade during this day which gave both players and enthusiasts for DDR a hype to get their hands (and of course, feet) with the game. Today I will feature this on my blog since I am also not only excited but hyperexcited with the said game. Timezone in Glorietta 4 in Makati City already confirmed they ordered for one machine..and hopefully I can go to Manila by that time to experience it first hand. This blog will give as an idea of what's new and what's hot with the new DanceDance Revolution X2

DanceDanceRevolution X2

What's New?

After several test locations in Tokyo since November 2009, DDR X has finally been released for arcade the 7th of July this year. So what has this game has to offer? Well there are a lot to mention.

DDR started its song selection interface as CD just like in a jukebox machine (DDR 1st to 3rd mix), later developed to banner selections (DDR 4th and 5th). From DDR Max to DDR X, the song wheel selection, which became the standard song selection interface for all arcades and console version. DDR X2 however, broke this tradition and gave us a new way to select songs. The new interface shows songs selected via its CD covers. Prior to this however, DDR Universe 3 in Xbox 360 already used this interface, but this is the first time it will be introduced in the arcade version.

There are a few (but important) things that have changed with the modifiers/modes for gameplay. There are new adjustable versions of the Sudden and Hidden modifiers, and the ability to adjust these settings and the speed of the arrows in-game using the control buttons on the cabinet.

The cabinet for the first time had four selection arrows in all four directions for each player in contrast to the previous machines which only has two (left and right arrows only). The up and down arrows are for Sudden+ and Hidden+ modifiers while the left and right arrows can be used to modify speed a few seconds before the actual gameplay/song begins. Input lag is reduced as a part of the improvement as well as higher quality pads more similar to arcade pads in the Japanese version. Machines can be upgraded from DDR X but not from pre-DDR X version due to compatibilities issues.

Over 70 new songs had been released for DDR X2 arcade and may still be subject for additional releases in the future. All licenses in DDR Supernova and Supernova 2 were removed X2 due to licensing expiration (with the exception of "Angelus" and "Golden Sky". The good news is that four "oldies but goldies" DDR tracks from the first few series made its way to X2, with one of them having a special remix. Licenses included are from well known Japanese and Western artists. There are a total of 8 Bemani Crossovers..all coming from Beatmania IIDX series. This is the first time music form Cyber TRANCE has been included, as well as from the Super Eurobeat album since Disney's Rave. The partial list can be viewed in Wikipedia (link directs to DDR X2 page)

The new extra stage system called Replicant D-Action allows players to select from 6 boss songs. When a player gets an AA or higher score with one of these songs, which is only available in Expert Mode, Encore Extra Stage is unlocked (song: Valkyrie Dimension by Spriggan).

The game is still fresh for players and for sure, updates will be coming soon for this game. May it be unlocks, new modes or other additional features, I'm pretty sure this game will surpass its predecessor game for a number of miles.


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