Friday, June 12, 2009

Gotta be in with Technology - the Sony Style

Sony Style TV Magazine on AXN Asia

Well i got hold of this show after work. I arrived at my room and tried to check some channels on cable when I came across this show. It is a TV Magazine show hosted by Oli Pettigrew and talks about anything about technology, entertainment and what's hot and not on Asia

I definitely give Pettigrew a thumbs-up in his hosting prowess. He is bubbly and never in the show did he became boring to watch. Some highlights of the said episode I've watch are the Freestyle football by a Japanese group of street entertainers, the introduction for the movie Obsessed by beyonce and Ali Carter (Nikki Sanders of!), and the wonderful
VAIO L - VGC-LT28G (wish I would have one)

Quoted from
"Incorporating a double-hybrid TV tuner, this PC is transformed into an advanced AV centre. A light, airy design makes it seem to float, and the large 22” display, two speakers and Blu-ray Disc™ Drive heighten AV enjoyment. Easy access is provided via the remote commander and wireless mouse/keyboard."

This is one hell of a technology I really one to have + it has a recording capability so I can definitely save and record videos from any cable channels I watch (imagine my own collection of old and new music videos from my fave artists..of course not for piracy purposes).

I think i'll be rooting for this show from now's cool

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