Saturday, June 6, 2009

10 years of Pokemon

I started to have this addiction to this anime when I was in Grade 6, way back 2009 when the original Pokemon anime was aired on TV (GMA 7). Eversince, I was having a much liking on it that I started collecting text cards, as a base for my collection. Then came Pokemon Yellow in Gameboy color. I convinced my mom to buy me one so that I can experience the real gameplay for this RPG, and it was satisfying.

When I had my PC at home (I was in 4th year high then), I started to download emulators to experience gameplay swith Gameboy Advance generations of Pokemon (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) since I can't afford to buy my own console. and also FireRed and LeafGreen, the GBA remakes of the first gen games.

I remember I downloaded a DS Emulator to play Pokemon Diamond but it became corrupted after I played the Elite 4 (too bad I got all my Pokemon there all at Lvl 100). So it took time for me to wait again until a new version of the game came out.

2009..My workmate Kim has a DS and a Pokemon pearl game that he is playing with. to better experience the gameplay itself, I asked him if I can borrow the game for a week or two to continue his gameplay. Unfortunately his saved file was deleted (reset back to new game) by his nephew, so I asked him if I can startt my own game. I became addicted to it again that this time since I have my own salary, I decided to buy my own DS. Now his Pokemon Pearl game cartridge is mine and i'm happy with it

Other than these, some of the things I also collect are posters, stickers, Pikachu stuffed toys (I always wanted to order some other Pokemon toys in eBay), and I had a sweet collection of mp3s for all Pokemon related songs - these are from movies,japanese and english animes too. Even my wallpaper for my phone is Pikachu..I love going to Pokemon sites as well as those related ones. I also dream that one day I can join the world championships for Pokemon

well, I can definitely say I am a 100% Pokemaniac.

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