Saturday, June 20, 2009

DARA..the new Sandara Park

I remember this young lady 5 years ago when she auditioned for Star Circle Quest, a reality talent search show by ABS CBN. She was one of the cutest non-Filipino contestant who made it to the final two of the show due to her charms and charisma. Sandara was not my original bet for the show, because she "was" an underdog and not that good with everything (acting, dancing but she can sing). She is always at the bottom 2 for the show but fans proved that they can send her into stardom with their text votes. She was the title holder for the most number of votes in history of the Philippine text voting up until 2007 (beaten by Bea Saw, PBB Season 2 Big winner).

Sandara is a pure Korean who struggled to mix with the Filipino culture becasue of this contest. She was tagged "krung-krung" becasue of her non-attentive attitude during the contest and sometimes being joked around by the judges. Her famous "Mahal ko Kayo" wave became famous too.

After a short span of time in the Philippine industry, she decided to pursue her career in Korea, her homeland. And she was 100% correct with her decision.

She is now part of YG produced girl group called 2NE1 along with CL, Park Bom and Mei Ji. She focused on her full potentials in dancin and singing, and I can say she is very different than she were before. She has always been my idol and I know some of my friends still hate her even after her huge success now. Hahaha but I don't mind..i'm still rooting for Sandy or better yet called DARA.

Here are two videos of 2NE1 as their debut song, Fire, takes the streets and futuristic space versions..Watch Sandara's dancing skills, way better than before and of course her cute2 voice

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