Saturday, June 6, 2009

Current Gameplay: Pokemon Pearl Version (Nintendo DS)

Like I've said on my previous post, I am currently playing Pokemon Pearl on my Nintendo DS. it is the fourth Generation game for the Pokemon Franchise which features mostly fourth generation Pokemon (Pikachu, btw, is from the first generation). I started playing this on an emulator but decided to buy my own since it makes a different feel if you have the legit game. Now this game has many features I liked in comparison with the previous games. I'll list them down later.

Now this is my current team for my gameplay:

I already defeated the Elite 4 and still currently playing the after in-games. So here is my line-up. As of June 7, 2009 12:10PM

Infernape at Lvl 75
Staraptor at Lvl 74
Luxray at Lvl 76
Floatzel at Lvl 73
Torterra at Lvl 64 (I got this as a Turtwig from GTS, a WiFi trade center featured in the game)
Empoleon at Lvl 70 (got from an egg given to me by Kim)

Now here are some features i liked about this fourth Generation game:

1. Pokeradar - an item which helps you look for rare Pokemon and Shinies (alternate colored Pokemons. (E.g. Yellow Pikachu = normal, golden Pikachu = Shiny)
2. Underground - a place where you can dig for treasures, exchange spheres for items and create Secret Bases
3. Lots and lots of Items
4. New abilities and moves for Pokemon
5. Berry planting and harvesting

Now I remember playing Pokemon Gold/Silver before in GBC. The logn wait is over, they are coming to the DS as remakes of the previous games:

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