Monday, June 22, 2009

Going up for the Team Philippines @ TARA

The Amazing Race (USA) had been one of my fave shows since Season 2 (i missed Season 1). Back when I was in high school this show had been an addiction to me that i never missed an episode just to see all the drama and challenges contestants are facing while traveling around the world for worth a million dollars

Now what more could make this race exciting is an Asian version produced way back 3 years, now having participants all across Asia, including some of the new and not-so-new participants from the Philippines.

Here are some of the short comments I would give to the participants..and the good thing is, Philippines is almost there on top..starting with Season 2's third place win and the recently concluded second place win for Season 3.

Just a short preview, The Amazing Race Asia (TARA for short) is composed of 10 teams all over Asia that will travel to several countries to look for clues and perform tasks to survive the game. Each league of the race has 3 basic concepts

DETOUR - players may choose between two tasks, each with its pros and cons
ROADBLOCK - task that only one team member must perform
PITSTOP - finish line for every league. Last team that will arrive may be or not be eliminated, that depends if the league is a predetermined non-elimination race

And some of the twist and turn options..I quote it as "strategic moves" for the race and what makes the race exciting

FAST FORWARD - players can skip all tasks and directly proceed to the pitstop.. only one available for the entire race
YIELD - players can cause a delay for another team, letting them stay on the yield field until the hourglass is done
U-TURN - players must perform a DETOUR task that they haven't performed

Now for the Team Philippines overview Seasons 1 to 3

Season 1

Ernie and Jeena (left) were the first team who got eliminated in the first season. they are such a good team for me, and got lots of potentials..but then it's a race and maybe it is not meant for them to win. Aubrey Miles (yes, the actress which made her major role in movies like Sanib and Xerex), and her bestfriend Jaq made it to Leg 2, and unfortunately two teams who've joined to represent the country are all eliminated. In my opinion, the first team might have a chance against the second one, if they were not eliminated as early as Leg 1.

Season 2

Henry and Trinidad (left) is I guess the most annoying pair during this season. Even just as a viewer, I can't take Trinidad's attitude of being a know-it-all wife when in fact all tasks are performed by his husband. She is very garrolous with all the nonsense things she can get angry about, even if no sense at all. The right one (everyone knows these guys), Marc and Rovilson also suffered bad luck for this race. They are the first in history for the Amazing Race to win almost all legs 1st place. Hmmm, that's good. However, the Roadblack for the final leg gave them the big loss when Rovilson performed it and soon realized he is not good with flags. They won 3rd overall despite the fact that they were first in the Roadblock for the last leg (The finish line is after the Roadblock). At least. Philippines was there on top. They are one team hard to beat, but luck simply gets in the way.

Season 3

The lone team to represent the Philippines this season are partners Geoff (model) and Tisha (former Miss Phil Universe). Now this is the team that I call the bomb. They were not that amazing at first but slowly as the race goes on, this team proved the others that they work as a pair. As I watched the season, I was somehow dismayed by the fact that they are always left out by the other teams when it comes to groupings because of Geoff's "maangas" attitude. I hope I coined it right. But they proved that no one can bring them done and they have to rely on each other to win. They got 2nd place during the race and certainly helped boosts the Philippine's name in the race, right after Marc and Rovilson's 3rd place win.

Now that the 3rd season has closed, I'm really hoping there will be a 4th season. And you got it right, I will be joining, if time permits. Let's cross our fingers. I hope me and my partner (whoever shall it be) would make it.

Mode: Waiting for auditions..hehehe

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