Friday, February 19, 2010

Top 50 Kisses of all time..on camera!

Who loves movies with kissing scenes on them? Here's a link to see the top 50 kisses of all time on film. Sorry to say Twilight fans , Bella and Edward only landed #49 on the list.

Here are some familiar kisses that I know (and watched) =) but click on the link above to see the full list. Of course I'm not familiar with what's on the top of the list. I wasn't born that time yet..hahaha and I think it's more passionate than what we have now..there were no MTRCB or Laguardia way back then. LOL

Twilight #49

Brokeback Mountain #47

Spiderman #45

Cruel Intention #43

Titanic #42

Lady and the Tramp #19

Snow White #5

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