Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Filipino standing on The Biggest Loser Asia

I have always been a fan of reality shows. American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing Race..you name it. Now for many of you who have not been familiar with this certain show, The Biggest Loser Asia is one of those not very known reality series which helps obese and fat people lose weight in exchange for a grand prize of big bucks. It's being televised on Hallmark Channel Asia.

It's a spin-off of USA's The biggest loser in which players are of Asian ethnicity. Now 5 of the players (which four had already been elimated, namely Delfin Bacho, Leonore llams, Christine White, and Kevin Yeu) were all from the Philippines. Carlo Miguel is the only contender left for the Philippines and the only member of the Red Team left for the whole series. He was left afte Kevin had been eliminated by the Blue Team, their rival. But this contest does not only focus on the contestants on TV. There are also in home contetants which should lose weight until they are called upon by the show to enter as wild card contestants. And one of those is the famous celebrity Ruby Rodriguez-Aquino. I am definitely eying for Carlo since he is always a good competitor. As a leader, he always advices his co-Filipino players to work hard for the competition. During the week before Kevin's elimination, he made history in Biggest Loser Asia. After the three Filipinos left in the game are fried for elimination (Kevin, Christine and Carlo), the latter could not bear voting his two kababayan but instead voted the host, Sharimah Ibrahim.

I hope there's also a contest for slim people to get model-like bodies at the end of the competition..hehehe

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