Saturday, February 13, 2010

The movie I watched before Valentine's Day

I am supposed to watch Valentine's Day but I changed my mind after reading the negative reviews about the film. I've decided to watch another film and was happy to see Percy Jackson already showing. I waited for this movie and finally it came to the big screen. I first saw its trailer way back in December while me and my friends are watching 500 days of Summer. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief focuses more on Greek Mythology (Percy as a demi-god..son of Poseidon and a mortal who was accused by the gods of stealing Zeus's Master Bolt) What made it more interesting in my part sis that I love Mythology and I guess that's the only subject in English that I would stay awake till the end of the class.

Percy Jackson is a very interesting film to watch for those mythology lovers. I think it's a good film to see especially if you are in high school during your English 4 class (World Literature, well in my high school that is). It is a very informative film that even young kids can learn small details in Greek Mythology. It has a Harry Potter feel on it, of course because it's directed by HP1 and HP2 director Chris Columbus. It cool that he had the idea of mixing the mythical characters profile with the modern day settings (Uma Thurman is a hot Medusa..hehehe). If you want to have a good film to watch, I would recommend's fun.


  1. well if you knew, the movie was based on rick riordan's percy jackson and the olympians series.. you just can't say it was columbus' idea.. it was a good movie but many important scenes were not shown and some scenes were even modified..
    by the way, you have an interesting blog here.. i'll follow you anonymously..

  2. thanx for following my blog gleath =) Yup, I also encopuntered the book in one of our loal stores but was not able to read about it.. =)