Friday, February 26, 2010

Student prosecuted because of a Facebook post

Read this over Yahoo! Philippines. Quoted:
"Indonesian prosecutors on Thursday demanded a suspended jail sentence for a university student who was found guilty of insulting his music mentor on Facebook."

This student, named Muhammad Wahyu Muharam, posted in his Facebook account harsh words against his marching band mentor calling him a 'scoundrel' and 'very greedy' way back August. This was the latest case involving Facebook, following another Indonesian teenager on suspended jail sentence due to posting insulting remarks on a romantic rival. Indonesia has been named as one of the world's strictest with criminal defamation law. So it was no surprise for them if this could happen. But for sure with us Filipinos it's such a small deal that they made big. Well, culture and politics differ from one country to another.

The law student's advices Facebook users to use his experience as a lesson, that we must be all cautious of our postings. Now this sparks a memory. A friend of mine, actually a funny one, (evil laugh) was also sued about his Facebook postings on his FAN page..but then the prosecutors could not find any solid proof against him..So the case is NULL and VOID..Congrats my "GREAT "friend =)

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