Thursday, October 25, 2012

Step Up Revolution: Flash Mobs at its Finest

I am always been a fan of dance themed movies. As a dancer, I see myself as part of what I am watching; grooving with the beat, relating to the character's story plot since most of these movies depict the struggles a dancer encounters to deliver a message he/she wants to tell the world, that dancing has always been a burning passion for them.

As I seldom do reviews on movies, I did not make this pass.  I was a little bit frustrated that the film had a late screening here in Tacloban City (my hometown Bacolod had it on the big screen on the premiere date, here it was roughly 3 weeks after).  But as they say, good things come to those who wait.. And the film did not disappoint me.

Step Up Revolution is the fourth installment of the Step Up series, produced by Jon Chu.  It stars Ryan Guzman (Sean) and SYTYCD Season 6 runner-up Kathryn McCormick (Emily).  The film is set on a steamy beach side Miami where THE MOB, a group of dancers that performs flash mobs in public, turned performance to a form of protest after Emily's dad a wealthy real estate owner, will try to build a five star resort, forcing a community, including Sean's neighborhood to be demolished.

Favorite line of the movie:

"Enough with performance art; It is time for protest art" - Emily

Contrary to other reviews online, I do not see the plot of the story as common as the previous Step Up Series.  Except for the first installment, all other Step Up films were about crews vying for the public's respect, having showdowns if whose team is the best.  This film, however, delivers a strong message that if we stand ipfor what is right, we can make things happen, and that's achieving our goals.  Emily, with the help of THE MOB, made her dad (played by Peter Gallagher) realized the community he is about to destroy if he continues his ambitious project.

The film also did not fail in delivering the best of choreography there had been in any dance movies.  The mixture of hiphop, ballet and contemporary dance was very fascinating to watch.  It was also nice to see some SYTYCD and ABDC alumni share the big screen to deliver great flash mob performances. I love all the performances but my favorites were the flash mobs at  the museum, fine dining, and the protest mob.

The Flash Mob in the Museum

The fine dining flash mob

The MOB on Protest

Overall, I give the film 8.5/10.  I honestly enjoyed the film (and this is a personal review).  As a dance, it gabe me a feeling of excitement to be able to dance again with a group and practice some hard hitting hiphop choreography after watching the film.  Not now but maybe in some days to come.

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