Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4 days getaway from stress: the Short Vacation in Manila

After 2 months, I was back in Manila for a short but fulfilling vacation (I was there last May for the DDR General Assembly). Thankful for my supervisor for approving my 2 days leave which 'sandwiched" my 2 days-off during the weekend.

Me and Edz stayed at Ching's (her college classmate) apartment in Villamor, Pasay just near NAIA Terminal 3. We started Friday night off with a blast. And guess what it is? A concert in SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds by none other than Usher. The program started with South Border and Nina performing a couple of songs and later on 14 to 15 songs from Usher himself. It was a fun night, even if we did only get to have general admission tickets, the experience was really really great, seeing one of my idols perform on stage.

The next day was Enchanted Kingdom day. But this day doesn't seem to get better. It started off when we had a small argument way back in Makati before leaving for Laguna. It took us 2 1/2 hours before we left the place due to an misunderstanding between us (passengers) and the driver. They promised to leave at exactly 3:40PM (we were there since 2:30PM) even if the vehicle is not full but they didn't. So we were behind schedule. We arrived at EK around 5PM where it was drizzling. My camera malfunctioned during the said trip (a usual malfunction for Canon cameras). We haven't had a chance to go to Watercamp in Cavite to saty for an overnight because of time constraints and lastly, our taxi was caught by the traffic enforcers after a wrong turn on our way home. This is indeed not a good day to remember, but funny if you think of it LOL.

Sunday was DDR day again for me. Edz and Ching went shopping while I head down to Glorietta 4 in Makati City to meet with Edison and of course my DDR Barkada in Timezone. It was a fun 6 hour gameplay and I almost got my first AAA, but I didn't..what a frustration! grrr..

We went home in Bacolod a day after which was July 12th at 4pm. It was a fun weekend stress free from work. I'll be back soon in Manila this October and hopefully to Baguio for the DDR General Assembly in the Northern Luzon area.

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