Friday, March 9, 2012

Lakawon Island: Team Proto and Revel Unite

February 25, 2012. After my team (Team Proto under TL Angel) and TL Bhang's team (Team Revel) received incentives from team performances at work, both teams decided to take the days-off to the beach. It was a two hour drive north of Bacolod until we reached the port of Cadiz Viejo (a small port for motorboats).

It was a short 15 to 20 minutes ride when we reach small island of Lakawon. It is just a small banana shape island with a family-owned resort. The white sand beach resembles that of Boracay Island. It is still uncommercialized though, which has it's pros and cons.

The beach front, facing the mainland Negros

Since it is not yet fully developed, the place could be a great spot for rest and relaxation. The beach has clear waters although some parts are filled with vegetations. The beach is full of corals as well as starfishes. The problem, however, is that dried seaweeds as well as small litters that scatter by the shoreline. This is more likely because of a small community residing at the far end of the island. The back part of the island facing Concepcion, Iloilo and the Visayan Sea is bringing strong but cool breeze. The sand bars are awesome so we immediately took advantage of this by taking our small pictorial sessions. We also played volleyball by the beach front to enjoy ourselves.

Me doing a cartwheel

The accommodation is not that impressive in my opinion. There is no electricity during the day. A generator only provides power at night, starts at dusk and is turned off at daybreak. Since the area is near the mainland, cellphone signals are still strong. The cottages and huts are small. If you intend to have an overnight stay, make sure to bring blankets or mosquito nets. There is no phone system so you have to go to the small restaurant if you have request to the resort crews. The food is also expensive and bringing of food also has a corkage of 50/head.

Edz, me, Amci and Julz doing the jump shot
taken at the back part of the island facing Concepcion, Iloilo

As an overall review, commercialization of the island would be a very good move to be able to provide excellent service and accommodation for tourists. But there is no question when it comes to the relaxing ambiance that the white sand and clear water beach Lakawon has to offer. Once these are implemented in the future, I'm pretty sure Lakawon would also rise into fame same as it's rivals Boracay, El Nido, Guimaras, Siquijor and Puerto Gallera to name a few. We went home to Bacolod the next day, and as for me, maybe a future family outing would do, but we will only have a day trip for it.

The team before going back to Bacolod City

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