Monday, April 26, 2010


We always have our barkada since we were kids..we could have barkada everywhere we go but we can definitely choose one group which we are very comfortable to be be yourself and do whatever you want without feeling guilt of doing it for the sake of fun. Me and this group had been through the ups and downs of our lives..we might have part ways but we will still be friends with one another. I'm hoping for a next reunion with these guys. They're the best for me and none can replace them.

We are called the PALINDROME because co-incidetally when you put our initials as spelled together forms a palindrome (a word which spells the same even if interchanged)


JE = that's me

Enrico = Rico has always been my Pokemon rival..he thinks he is the Pokemon Master but I'll say I am..wahaha

Ronel = bes Basho is my best bestpwend in the group. He is a Facebook singing superstar (not on Youtube..for a change hehehe)

Melvin = the joke-cracker. Never runs out of something to make you laugh

Raymund = Bunso is our half Canadian little brother. I haven't heard from him lately, wonder what happened to him..hope he's safe and in good health.

Eric = Ice is the problem solver, mediator..sometimes!..He is the event coordinator, the brains per se..

Jerome = Roem is the Teletech Idol.. nothing beats his high notes.. he is a power belter.. and a supervisor too hehe

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