Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TP Dance Crew

Guys, this blog is dedicated to all of you hehehe...

I have always wanted to be a part of a dance group which I could share the talent that I could say I am blessed with, and that is dancing. I had been with many groups before (to mention GravChem, Lithium Elements, Phoenix Squad...the best kayo!), and after college, I thought my dancing days are over. I have to face the reality that the real world does not require us to do what we love to do all the time, our passion for something may be or not be applicable to our daily lives.

After graduation and after getting a call center job, I had been "static" for almost a year and a half, focusing on my work which requires demanding metrics and schedules. But I was lucky our company had a dance showdown way back December 2009 during our Christmas party which allowed me to work with my colleagues in our account (you guys are great!), and fortunately grabbed the 2nd place overall out of 6 groups who competed in the said showdown. Of course, as expected, I'm back to my normal office days after the said event.
A few weeks ago, the company decided again to look for potential talented dancers who will form the first ever dance crew which will represent the company both in internal and external affairs. They did have an audition but I guess it did not push through. So me (and Wendy) decided to form a small group, who at first, will only dance an intermission number for the opening of the company's Sportsfest. So we gathered the best of the best dancers we could ever recruit at work to form this small group. Practices were not easy since we all have night shift schedules, we practice after work which obviously tiring and SLEEPY!.... Kim Estiaga, one of the company's managers and the one who initiated the Dance Crew idea saw us and immediately informed us that we will be the official crew without the audition process (huwat!).

Our first dance as a dance crew was last April 18, 2010 during the opening of the company's Sportsfest "Fusion 2K10". The dance was fun and it was partly on "freestyle mode" (if you forget the steps, just do some freestyle) hahaha considering the time allotted for our practices is very limited. The dance was a hiphop routine inspired by Alvin de Castro's choreography (one of Australia's renowned hiphop choreographer, and the Philippine All Stars.. we didn't have them as our personal trainers..we just saw it on Youtube..haha). All other routines were choreographed by our mate, Ryan. The response form the management and our colleagues at work are overwhelming.. we still hope to improve as a crew and experience more dances in the future. Might as well ask the company for a dance studio where we can practice our routines hehehe..

From Upper Left: Jerald, Wendy, Katrina, Precious, Melo, Alex, Remus
From Lower Left: Ryan, Ramon, Me

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