Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Same Account, New Support Team

It has only been a month after Adobe came in our company as one of its prestigious accounts. We had our 3 weeks of training for customer service (which half of it are more likely technical in nature) and a week of nesting (taking initial calls with help from the Manila Team - they were the first people trained for Adobe CS here in the Philippines). It was a less stressful environment in comparison to our previous account for internet services. I still don't know why that account really pulled out since the contract was renewed few months before it pulled out, and the team was doing well, grabbing the number 1 center throughout the world during that time.

During the Adobe CS training, we were given a chance to get an exam to qualify for the first ever technical support team here in the Philippines. It was all about computers (both hardware and software) and we were not allowed to check our notes during the exam. It was all based on what we know about technical stuff. I got 19 out of 25 which did not qualify me to the final list but was given a chance to have a retake the exam since most of us tied up from the 20th spot downward (they only need 5 more). Luckily, I got a 100% on the retake which indeed qualified me to the first ever technical support team.

Now I'm on training again for the next 3 weeks and the opportunity is overwhelming. Hoping to learn more about Adobe products and how to use them. This could be somewhat interesting...

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