Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I love (and HATE - caps lock to empasize) Phillipine elections

Elections here in the Philippines is much like any other elections around the world, with both drama and show business. That's the reason why I love reading articles about candidates playing dirty tricks among each other, just to make them look bad to the public. Common scenarios which is sad to say a reality.

Among the many nationwide elections I have experienced in my life living in the Philippines, none is more exciting, (more or less irritating) to deal with is this year's election. I don't usually deal with the drama of elections but this year it seems to be like a soap opera. Two people are notable among the pack. There's your presidentiable who woos people with his childhood story as a poor man who became a successful businessman and senator. Another presidentiable who is always remembered as the son of a Philippine hero and the Mother of Philippine democracy. This two are getting head to head with each other, and it seems that the nation is also divided due to this situation. Here are some facts and (my own) opinions with some the presidentiables for May 2010 elections

Sen. Manny Villar
The controversial C5 project he started was the target of his co-candidates for the presidency position. He is the 'Tondo guy", the poor turned tycoon because of "sipag and tiyaga" (industry and diligence). I don't believe that crap! And Willie Revillame as endorser?? come on!

Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino
The son of the late Sen. Ninoy and President Cory. He might have a chance but I don't remember him doing anything on the senate. I might be wrong but he is a very forgettable senator during his term. But I do feel sorry for him after allegations about his mental condition came out, which I don't believe is true.

Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro
The "Galing at Talino" (Skill and Intelligence) guy. He is also a good candidate. Not unless he is really the candidate of the present president. I might consider him as one of those I will vote.

Former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada
WTF! He is already ousted form the seat because of the first ever impeachment trial. Proven guilty so why the heck did COMELEC still allowed him to run for the position???

Bro. Eddie Villanueva
Yes, he might be God-fearing and all but that alone could not help run our country. I am not against him but I don't seem to get it..that's all

No other comments to other presidentiables. I am not "obviously" a politics guru but these are just my OWN opinion. Let's just wait and see what will happen after the elections are done.


  1. Bro. Eddie for me is the best among this year's presidential contender. He is not "just God-fearing," he has done a lot of things even as a private citizen and leader of the spiritual movement. I am not a JIL-member, but I have seen them in many countries I've been to when I join get-togethers of Filipinos. Their passion to help other OFWs who are in crisis situation is apparently borne out of the same passion of their leader. I've heard JIL has "half-way houses" for distressed OFWs in a number of countries. When I was still a news reporter, I've interviewed some Filipinos who witnessed the rescue of prostituted women in Hong Kong. Last year, some Pinays who were victimized by a white slavery syndicate in Malaysia were rescued because Bro. Eddie did not relent in pressuring the Philippine government. By the way, it was Bro. Eddie who also worked for the release of Sarah Balabagan and the assistance to Flor Contemplacion. I can go on and on with what he has done. But the point I want to put across is, he is not "just" God-fearing. Aside from being the longest-serving regent of PUP, he was a political activist and therefore, knows the practical way of running things. :)

  2. Gibo- has the smarts. he wont be fooled by advisers on how to run the country. But he wontbe able to relate to the concerns of the poor. I bet he wouldnt even sit in a gutter. Noynoy- NIGGA PLS BE YOUR OWN MAN AND NOT RIDE ON YOUR LAST NAME'S POPULARITY.Manny- has the street smarts, came from the ghetto, worked his arse off to end poverty in his life. Helped the poor with scholarships and not throw money at them. That's a lesson in self-depedency, don't u think? sariling diskarte ikanga. I go for Manny Villar.

  3. Si Manny Villar ang best candidate dito. Unang una, galing siya sa mahirap, INI-ANGAT ang sarili gamit ang sipag at tiyaga, pangalawa, marami na siyang GINAWA, tumulong siya sa mahihirap, nakapag patupad ng 80+ na batas, scholarships, at pangatlo, yung C5-project na yan, wala siyang ginawang masama diyan, pirmado yan ng 12 senador kaya ibig sabihin, tama yan, walang mali diyan. MANNY VILLAR FOR PRESIDENT!

  4. what is wrong about willie as an endorser? hindi ba siya pwede bumoto? si ampatuan ba hindi pwede pumili ng kandidato? lahat tayo may karapatan. iilan lang sila na naniniwala na kaya ni villar. porket ayaw mo kay villar pinapalaki mo na ang mga bagay na hindi dapat palakihin. bakit si noynoy sinusuportahan ng mga aktibista? hindi mo binanggit yun ha. why dont you just mention more constructive comments about people. palaging negative campaigning just like noynoy.

  5. Noynoy: hindi ibig sabihin na kung ang magulang ay magaling ganun din ang anak!

    Villar: babawiin nya lahat ng gasto after manalo.

    Erap: the world will think Filipinos are stupid because after we oust the president then vote him back again...

    Bro Eddie: Church and State are very much different. They contradict each other...

    Gordon: If Subic is easy the Philippines is not.

    JC: who are u?

    Jamby: dont even think about it.

    In short guys vote for GIBO!!!!

  6. wow..5 comments..never expected..i guess we are really into this political drama

    @all - thanks sa comments..your opinions are well taken and appreciated
    @amacio - maninay, straight to the point..idol ta gid ka ya
    @mayumi - i think no one pleases everyone..i just don't like willie even without this political era...hehe

  7. @mayumi: to point out that it's my OWN opinion, I just don't like Villar..that's all..I am not urging people not to vote for him because they have the right to choose kung sino ung gusto nila.. If you are for villar then go on =) basta ako positive man o negative..ayoko kay Villar