Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Raining PAINT! - The Dinagsa Festival 2012

It's my 6th year to attend the annual Dinagsa festival in Cadiz City, 65 kilometers north of Bacolod City. The festival name wa
s coined after an event in the past where several whales arrived in the shores of the said city; the word "dagsa" means driftage. This is also why Cadiz city is tagged "The city of Whales". Dinagsa Festival is also one of the country's celebrations in honor of Señor Sto. Niño.

Among the three festivals I have went to this January (Sinulog and Dinagyang were the first two), this was the most exciting festival I was waiting to happen. Other than the dance parade of Atis just like in Kabankalan and Ilo-ilo, this festival also offers another twist which is called "Lamhitanay Festival". This is celebrated on the day of the highlights where people roaming the streets will wipe each other with latex paint , this in contrast to Kabankalan's charcoal paste. This adds more color to the said festival.

It was only last year and this year that I wasn't able to go there a night before the highlights. The night before the main festival usually is filled with concerts from either local or international bands. We go drinking in different kiosks surrounding the plaza while jamming with music surrounding the vicinity. I remember two years back I was able to jam with Sponge Cola, one of the best rock bands in the country.

me and colleauges at work enjoying the Lamhitanay festival

This year, we went to Cadiz for lunch at a friend's house on the same day of the festival. We then started to join the crowd in painting each other with colorful paints. You usually see lots of people from Bacolod compared to a number in Kabankalan, more likely since Cadiz is accessible to the city than Kabankalan way down south. We went home early since we know that people will
flock by the bus stations usually during peak hours (6PM - 8PM) heading back to Bacolod since the next day would be a regular school and working day. We do not want to stand all the way from Cadiz to Bacolod just to get a ride home. Lucky we were able to seat in an airconditioned bus going home. I was unfortunate however for not being able to party Sunday night with the sexy model/DJ Ornusa Cadness. A friend informed me she was the guest for the night's closing ceremonies. Well, there will always a next year.

DJ Ornusa Cadness..too bad i wasn't able to party with her :'(


  1. natuwa ako sa poster ng DINAGSA 2012 Festival---parang ASAP 2012 lang ang dating. hahaha

    1. oo nga.. ung din na notice ko.. there was a party on the night of the highlights..kaso kailangan namin umuwi ng maaga sa Bacolod