Friday, January 13, 2012

Spotlight: 2NE1

I remember when I was in my early college years when I first watch Sandara Park on TV as this "krung-krung" on Star Circle Quest. She was my bet then, although it was her ex-bf/on screen partner Hero Angeles who grabbed the title. She left the Philippine show business and went home to her homeland South Korea for a career move. And she made the right choice.

Now this blog entry is not all about Sandara. Although I will be tackling about one of my favorite Korean group in which she, now know as DARA, is part of 2NE1 (pronounced twenty-one or to anyone). The group the attention of all KPOP music lovers as well as the world for breaking the cliche of Korean girl bands having always the sexy image such as Girl's Generation, Brown Eyed Girls, etc. They were even name the New Best Band in the World by MTV Iggy last year.

2NE1 is a combination of "21st Century" and "New Evolution".

The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009 and popularly tagged as the female counterpart of BIG BANG, another group produced by the same music company

Musical Style and Image
2NE1 is known for a "unique and edgier style" Most of their songs falls under genre of hiphop. 2NE1's music explores independence and female empowerment

Current Members
2NE1 is a quartet girl group. Current members are:

Name: CL (씨엘)
Birth Name: Lee Chaerin (이채린)
Birthday: February 26, 1991
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist
Musical Influences: Teddy Park, Uhm Jung Hwa, Madonna and Beyonce
Trivia: Her father is a physics professor and travels a lot so she was able to live in South Korea, Japan and France. She knows how to speak English, Japanese and French.

Name: Bom (봄)
Birth Name: Park Bom (박봄)
Birthday: March 24, 1984
Position: Main Vocalist
Musical Influences: Mariah Carey, Beyonce
Trivia: She had her early education in the US and took Psychology as a major in college. It took three years (and multiple rejections) before Bom was accepted as a YG trainee.

Name: Dara (다라)

Birth Name: Park Sandara (박산다라)
Birthday: November 12, 1984
Position: Vocalist, Visual
Musical Influences: Uhm Jung Hwa, Jennifer Lopez
Trivia: Dara was featured in a TV drama The Return of Iljimae as Rie. She also won the 21st PMPC Star Awards for Movies for Best New Actress in her movie Bcoz of U while she had her career in the Philippines.

Name: Minzy (민지)
Birth Name: Gong Minji (공민지)
Birthday: January 18, 1994
Position: Maknae, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Musical Influences: Michael Jackson
Trivia: Minji is the granddaughter of Gong Okjin, a legendary folk dancer in South Korea. She is also the youngest member of 2NE1.

Notable Awards

Asian Newcomer's Award - Asia Song Festival
New Artist - Melon Music Awards
Best New Female Artist - MNET Asian Music Awards
R&B Artist of the Year - Rhythmer Awards
"Fire" Best Music Video - MNET Asian Music Awards
"I Don't Care" - Song of the Year

2010 Top 10 - Melon Music Awards
Best Female Group - MNET Asian Music Awards
Artist of the Year - MNET Asian Music Awards
"To Anyone" Album of the Year - MNET Asian Music Awards
Can't Nobody "Best Music Video - MNET Asian Music Awards

New Artist - Japan Record Awards
"To Anyone" Best Dance & Electronic Album - Korean Music Awards
"I Am The Best" Song Of The Year - MNET Asian Music Awards
"Lonely" Best Vocal Performance Group - MNET Asian Music Awards
Artist of the year - MTV Daum Music Fest
"Go Away" Favorite K-pop Video Award - MYX Music Awards
Best New Band In The World - MTV IGGY

Here are the list of songs I prefer to listen from this group:

Lollipop (feat. Big Bang)
I Don't Care (and it's reggae version)
Pretty Boy
Clap Your Hands
Can't Nobody (used this song on one of our dance routines)
I Am The Best