Monday, May 10, 2010

The 1st DDR Philippines General Assembly

It's my second time in Manila to attend the yearly gathering of the best of the best DDR players of the country. although we had it also last year, this was the first organized event by the group which was attending by more than 30 players (double the number as compared to last year). It was nice to see Paulino (DDR Philippines head), Gerard, Gian Carlo, Eric, Adrian, Phillip and Jim after a year.

We still gathered on the same place as last year, Timezone in Glorietta 4, Makati City, where we had DDR X to enjoy. Jim and I were the only ones from outside Metro Manila who attended this year. There were mini tournaments for Edit Challenge (A thing called Love by D-Crew 2 US, edit steps by Emman Acuña - REDMAN with BAKTONG!!!!), and Perfect Attack Challenge. Edit Challenge was won by Jopz, PA Challenge by Kristian as champ and Phillip as runner up.

I have also met new faces like Khim (intsik!!), Rage (first time, since we only see each others face in Facebook), Ralph, Bernard the Red Ranger, Dino and many more. It was a successful event indeed. Official icebreaker: "Tsugs! Tsugs!Tsugs! Sayaw! Sige! Igiling Mo! Tsugs! Tsugs!"..a jingle for Cornetto commercial on TV hehehe
Here are some additional pics from the event..

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