Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Late post: My Post B-day Party

Last Friday was my 23rd birthday (geez, I'm not getting any younger..). I was at work then since my leave was rejected..but happy I did go to work since I had a chance to get my Adobe Illustrator prize first hand from Bruce, David and Jeff. But birthdays wouldn't be complete without the "handaan" and "kainan". So I decided to have a post birthday dinner the next day, May 22 Saturday, at home with families and friends. The dinner was attended mostly by my colleagues at work namely, my girlfriend of course, Edz, Janah, Godfrey, Tim, Grapes, Mylyn. Steve, Wendy, Alex and Philip. My cousins Mao, Che and Jenny were also there to join the celebration. It was just simple but a good dinner celebration.

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