Monday, May 10, 2010

Election 2010: It's Automated

Finally, the long wait is over. Finally, the annoying campaign ads will end. Finally, we have reached the peak of choosing our rightful leader for this poor, but my beloved country. Here are some thoughts and events I today about the first automated Philippine National Elections.

May 10, 2010..I woke up early in the morning only to find out that my mom went to the school where our precinct to vote is located. She said it was jammed pack with hundreds of people, despite the very hot weather brought by the summer and the longest queue she had ever seen throughout her life during elections. Well, I can't blame these people. It is indeed the first in history that the Filipinos will use the automated system to cast their votes. It's already used in the States for quite a long time that it is now time for us Filipinos to experience the trend. Anyways, I decided to go back to sleep after hearing the story.

While eating my lunch, I watched TV to see the news about the election coverage. To my disappointment, my favorite channel ABS-CBN is tackled by critics with their biased reporting, giving much attention to Benigno Aquino in comparison to other candidates for the presidency (well, he is Kris Aquino's brother). But what amazed me is their use of holograms for presentations and touch screen technology to bring news to the people. For GMA 7, well never mind!

I decided to go to my voting precinct later that afternoon around 2:30. After I arrived the school, I was then approached by one of the poll watchers, informing me not to fall in queue and go directly inside the voting area. Haha, i love's like I won a special treatment from them. I was able to cast my votes for less than 15 minutes..I feel bad for others, which waited for long long hours before they have cast their votes. Despite reports of the PCOS machine defects on TV, my ballot smoothly glided the machine and it was successfully accepted.

Now we are all waiting for the results. Noynoy is in the lead..and my bet, Gibo, is still in 4th place. Well, it's too early to say it..but I think Noynoy has a great chance.

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