Thursday, March 11, 2010

As a Pokemon fanatic, I'm disappointed I'm not in Japan

Every time I read news about recent and future releases for Pokemon games, it is quite frustrating that we players in out-of-region countries (countries other than Japan, UK and USA) won't usually get the best event Pokemon or items released by Nintendo for Wi-Fi.

As a Pokemon gamer, I'm more of a Shiny Hunter and Item Collector. Shiny Hunter is the term used for people who search alternatively colored Pokemon or simply "shiny" Pokemon. Item collector is of course understandable. Now there are some Pokemon that are only available through Wi-Fi connection and Japan will always be the one to get it first. It might become a worldwide Wi-Fi event but most of the time it does not occur. I remember the "Birthday Pikachu" event as well as the "Shiny Milotic" event which never made it to a worldwide Wi-Fi event. Luckily I was able to grab the "Pikachu-colored Pichu" event lately for each of my Diamond Pearl and Platinum Versions. It's a shiny Pichu =) I'll be creating a separate blog for this.

Now Japan (geez..them again) will have a new Pokemon event relative to the thirteenth installment of the Pokemon movie, Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark. And again as a Shiny Hunter, it is really a big big's the reason why? This is the first time a Shiny Event Pokemon for a movie installment will be given to those who pre-ordered tickets for the 13th film, and not just any Pokemon but 3 of the legendary Pokemon for the Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Versions. But still crossing my fingers this will became a worldwide Wi-Fi event in the future.

Shiny Raikou, Entei and Suicune is not just your ordinary legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon will have attacks that they don't normally obtain or being learned by TM, leveling up, breeding or move tutor. These are Electromagnetic Cannon, Flash Drive and Absolute Zero, respectively. These will be available for download from June 18 to August 31, 2010. these will be available in selected stores in Japan including the Pokemon Center.


  1. I rarely take place in events, because I never really know about them. Infacts, you just opened my eyes to generation V with I REALLY hope won't suck as much as IV.

    I really do want to participate in them more, and become more active in my Pokemon games, since I'll be getting SoulSilver in a few days. It is unnerving, however that I am missing my Pokemon Pearl game...

    I'll definitely be checking your blog more often for upcoming events. How do you find out about the events?

  2. I usually go to Pokemon sites such as and Bulbapaedia (more likely a wikipedia for Pokemon) to get news and updates. Event Pokemon are of course rare in almost all situations so it would be nice to have some in your Pokemon collection =)

  3. I love bulbapedia, and sometimes use Serebii, but I still seem to have trouble learning about them

  4. Try to navigate on'll find very good information from those pages =)