Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a proud brother...

I am an achiever in my own league. I usually get awards, recognitions and honors way back during my education years. But I am more on the performing arts achiever rather than the leadership and academic type. I would like to credit the latter to my bro, Rey, who had amazingly awe me with his leadership and management skills both in school..and at home (question mark? he always sits in front of the computer..peace!) One of the things he had achieved which I thought would be cool if I also had that one during my college years was
The Ayala Young Leaders Congress, a yearly recognition of the best students in the country. And he is one of the named few =) I knew some people, some friends who are also part of this congress before (to name a few Jesse Andal, Jeremiah Tiu), but nothing is more amazing when your brother is one of the chosen best of the best.

This is the tarp found outside University of St. La Salle Bacolod..he's the first guy in the group..sorry Rey for not asking permission to grab this one hehehe..i'm proud of you! Better not yell at me for this one hehehe

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