Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Forseeing a hectic week

Today marks the 6th day of my product training for a new account at work. Clue: (since I can't disclose the product itself, i guess) Graphic design, music, multimedia and downloads ^_^

There are many things that happened and will still happen this week. Watched Alice in Wonderland yesterday with my girlfriend. I really find Johnny Deep and Helena Carter's acting superb. Last night was the last night of Ryo, the Japanese exchange student we adopted for 4 days. My brother once went to Japan to be an exchange student too and as a return favor, we became a foster family for Ryo. 4 days more to go before the English version for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver release. Vince already messaged me via e-mail that HMV store in London already are accepting reservations for the game. And still thinking how to send the money to him in London to buy the stuff. Vinson, the head of Team Rave for Dance Dance Revolution here in Bacolod also messaged me up in Facebook about organizing a DDR tourney for next month. He assigned me as committee head for the Freestyle competition and we will be having a meeting this coming Sunday at 888 Mall. Next week my dad will be going back to Saudi Arabia for work. It's going to be a very busy week. Prior to all of that, I still have my training until Saturday night.

Its already 3.35AM and I'm already sleepy. Still 2 hours and 25 minutes before going home and sleep on my comfy bed.

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