Monday, March 1, 2010

How would I miss it?...Let me count the ways

Today marks the last day of my first ever technical account at work. Being a technical support rep for the said account for a more than a year and a half surely is a great experience. Why the big deal? Well it's me who's missing it not you. Hahaha let me count the ways:

I would surely miss the follo
wing: (in no particular order of importance)

1. The very long opening spiel in the history of all call center accounts..first time agents might lose their breath. Average (that means normal pace) time of delivery more than 8 seconds.

2. My agent ID, which sounds like a model number for a 2Wire modem.

3. Being a part of the TITANS, haha I'm proud to be one..even with less benefits.

4. My notepad sequence for my call notes (and i'm sure everyone has
their own)
5. The 'fast' (sarcasm) and 'speedy' (even more sarcasm) see are ehem....
6. My reliable source, eeee ip es es.

7. Looking at the agent rankings everytime I enter the production floor

8. Downloading Mcafee (yey long call hahaha)

9. Arguing with other departments especially our beloved HN

10. Team Phoenix and Team Enchantress

11. Mr. Dawn and Mr. Isaac

12. The rallies and awardings, candies if you get a 100% QA score or survey hahaha
13. Shouting all the curses while end user on mute

14. The ever-excited (I'm very sarcastic haha) IVR system girl "Due to the popularity of ___ products, we are experiencing high call volumes"

15. The memorized transfer codes
16. Empathy and assurance

17. The bonuses
..huhuhu hope the new account has one too
18. The extended lunches

19. And of course the irates, the moody, the old, the young, the flirt, the pervert, the excited, the "techy"daw, the know it all, the actors and actresses (crying over the call), the prank callers, whatever you call them, they all have the same denominator, the CUSTOMER.

There might be some more I forgot to take down but definitely I would miss almost everything, what we had before
as a big team. Well, past is past..let's move forward unto the future. Now done with INTERNET support, lets get ready to DOWNLOAD...

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